Guy Cuts Watermelon Gone Wrong

This guy did a fantastic job cutting up a watermelon we had to share it with all of you. And he did with a big sword.

He is a bigger winner this weekend. We think that if your reading this and have a watermelon you need to cut it this way from now and forever.

If you have a case of the Monday Blues at work watch this video.

Lexus Built A Working Hoverboard

Automaker Says It Has Built a Working Magnetic Hoverboard

Lexus debuted the "Slide" in a promotional video published Tuesday. The board works by using magnetic levitation, the company said.

This is going to be neat. Who doesn't want a hoverboard to play around with? Wonder how long its going to take to create it. 

Just think we might be a world of hoverboards and drones in the future.

Denver Tried To Trade Peyton Manning To Houston


The Denver Broncos tried trading Peyton Manning to the Houston Texans but it didn't work out to well.

Plus Denver is not trying to deny it. There are a lot of reports this morning saying that Denver tried to.

Are things that bad in Denver? Wait and see what moves Denver makes.

Official 'Peanuts Movie' Trailer

The Peanuts Movie is a real deal and its going to be 3D. The peanuts movie is going to be in threatres November 6th.

If this has a been a childhood dream it has come true. Watch the official trailer below:

The gang is back!

Granato, Ferschweiler, Chelios Wings' Assistant Coaches

Granato, Ferschweiler, Chelios are Wings' assistant coaches. Do you think they have enough assistants to win the cup next year?

3 assistant coaches is a lot the Red Wings bench is going to be packed next season. But all we care about in Detroit is how many playoff wins can you get us? 

No one cares about the playoff streak we have if you can't win the cup!

Walmart To Take Confederate Flags Out of Stores

This is too funny because of the governor of South Carolina speech about the confederate flag Walmart is going to stop selling them in stores.

That is what you get for playing with fire. Walmart isn't the highest quality of stores but its good to see the south taking a stand.

Iderma Skin Care For The Summer

So you may or may not have any skin problems but for the summer we might have a product you want to check out.

Especially if you have dry skin or acne. Iderma has a ton of products for your skin and with the sun out in full force you might want some sun tan lotion for those days out at the pool.

Slice And Shamrock Fight Happened

This fight didn't last long ..

It was TKO in the first round ..

Glad this fight happened ..

4 Summer Cocktails

Every one is down for a cocktail every once in a while. Here are some good ones to start of your summer with.

  1. PainKiller

2 oz
Pusser's Rum
4 oz
Pineapple Juice
1 oz
Orange Juice
1 oz
Cream of coconut

2. Traditonal Mai Tai

.75 oz
Fresh lime juice
.25 oz
Rock candy syrup (2 parts sugar, 1 part water)
.25 oz
Orgeat almond syrup
.5 oz
Orange Curaçao
2 oz
Premium aged rum (Appleton Estate 12-Year-Old, El Dorado 12- Year-Old

3. Signpore Sling

1.25 oz
Bombay Sapphire Gin
.5 oz
.5 oz
Cherry brandy
Club soda
Lime wedge

4. Wilson Smash

2 oz
Brugal Extra Viejo Rum
1 oz
Lime juice
.75 oz
Caramelized Pineapple Syrup
1 dash
Angostura Bitters
2 dashes
1 pinch
Fresh mint
Club soda

Trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3

The trailer for Kung Fu Panda is out.

Take a look ..

Dream works is back with the popular animated movie.

FDA Found Thousands of Cases of Coors Light Had Cocaine

Coors Light might have a problem now and that is: Feeling high after drinking Coors Light?

The FDA found thousands of Coors Light Cases laced with Cocaine.
Not a good move. Coors Light is to seize all production for 30 days as the FDA does their investigation.

Boulevard Trailer (Official Trailer)

Robin Williams last on screen role in a movie. The offical trailer can be seen now. This has to be a movie you must see if your a fan of Robin Williams.

Sad to see this be the last movie with Robin in it. But we have so many others great movies from him.

Discussing Harry Potter on The Tonight Show

Now this has to be good. Alan Rickman was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and they were discussing Harry Potter. Inhaling helium must be fun? Well for these two it was.

Watch it all go down below:

Summer Sale At Selfridge has a summer sale going on right now that might make you interested.

They have:

  • Fashion
  • Men's wear
  • Shoes
  • Women's wear
  • Kids 
  • Home
You might be able to find yourself something. 

Lil' Wayne A Co-Owner of Tidal

Lil' Wayne isn't leaving Cash Money yet, but he's celebrating a new acquisition. Birdman can't be happy about this. 

Lil' Wayne is now a co-owner of Tidal, which is owned by Jay Z. Lil' Wayne has a law suit on Cash Money for 51 million because they failed to pay him for the Carter V.

Who can blame Lil' Wayne for any of this?

JR Smith Trade Rumors

Is JR Smith going to leave the Cav's? You might see a good trade to Miami for Dwayne Wade and after the Cav's game 6 lost you might see a roster change.

Dwayne Wade might come to Cleveland and JR Smith will go to Miami? Might just happen that way.

Bet you Kevin Love would like that. JR Smith isn't a bad player but never showed much for the Cav's this season.

Where To Shop Last Minute For Dad

So you want to know where to shop for your Dad?

Here are a few good places that might shell out some deals for you.

Take advantage of some amazing deals for Fathers Day! has free shipping on orders over $50. has up to 70% off! Also free shipping and returns, shipping has to be over $100. if your dad is into that type of thing. has 20% off for Dad's has a two day sale

And the last site you might want to check for Dad is

Cav's Lost Game 6

So Cleveland didn't do it last night .. Win game 6. Its bitter sweet maybe next year they can do it if Dwayne Wade leaves the Heat.

Do you think that will happen? There was a little talk about it last night at half time as Dwayne Wade said he might be leaving the Miami Heat.

But we will see if Dwayne Wade will come to Cleveland ..

Just think of it Wade, Love, and James.

St.Louis Cardinals Investigated For Stealing From Houston Astros

Uh-Oh the St. Louis Cardinals might be in some deep water. As the FBI is investigating them for stealing player personnel info from the Houston Rockets.

Not a good move hasn't sports learned to keep their nose clean of anything. This has got to hurt the MLB a little bit.

Stealing is not good practice in baseball, or maybe it is LOL.


Blackhawks Win The Cup

Not the happiest fan in the world, due to the fact that the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup but what can you do?

You lose interest in those playoff games once your team is out. Next season is going to come fast so the Blackhawks better have their fun. And oh yeah, Detroit has a new coach so the NHL better be ready for Hockey Town.

Reasons Why You Need To Give HM Two Thumbs Up

So while I was in Vegas I did some shopping and let me tell you I have a new found liking for

I asked myself when I was there why I hadn't ever looked for clothes there. They are very cheap and I can deal with their style.

The summer style that is floating around gives good and bad vibes but nothing I can't handle. I give two thumbs up.

For these reasons:

  • Cheap
  • Good style

Lebron is Staying in Cleveland -- Not Test Free Agency Yet

Lebron James doesn't sound like he is going to be leaving Cleveland anytime soon. He has said he is happy where he's at.

So Cleveland fans don't be scared just yet wait til next year. He might have a healthier team behind him next year.

Lebron says that he wants to stay in Cleveland for the rest of his career but there is roughly $7 million to be had for next season TV.

Watch Your Sesame Street and Eat Your Cereal

So this comes as a surprise to most that analysis say that watching Sesame Street can help your kid in school?

Sesame Street has been the best affordable invention for kids. The results of watching the show can also help you get better grades and better life.

Eat your cereal and watch your Sesame Street!

Michael Jordan's Bold Statement -- Charlotte Hornets

Now this is a bold statement by Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan says he can still beat some Charlotte Hornets players in 1-on-1. Do you believe it?

We hope that no one takes offense to it and boycotts the Hornets season. But its Michael Jordan.

Rapper "YG" Shot Three Times in Cali

YG the rapper got shot 3 times in L.A. none of his injuries are life threatening so that means that he is in stable condition.

They don't know who the shooter is. Not the best night for YG. He was shot in Studio City, California. at 1:45 AM this morning.

Hope he can make a full recovery.

Cavs Out of Gas -- GS Warriors Planned Well

The Cavs are out of gas and it seems like the Warriors plan has worked. The Warriors planned for the wear down all this time.

And since the Cavs are shorthanded coach Kerr is taking advantage of it every chance he gets. Now does it suck that the Cavs are injured and only go 7 deep in their depth? Yeah, it probably stings a little but its just a game.

Well played GS Warriors well played!

The Town Hall -- Clash O' Clans

So if you play this game or not there is a website that is worth checking out and signing up for its

Been seeing a lot of advertising for it and a lot of people are playing it on their smartphones. If you play you might be able to get good insight for the game and meet some new friends.

Just remember to be polite to gamers on the site.


Jawbone UP2 Is Here

Got a Jawbone UP2. Its much more comfortable than the last UP that I had. But the negative is that it vibrates every 15 minutes when I don't move.

Its a lot sleeker than the last one though, Its magnetic! And has a good life span. Now I can get back into my fitness and hit the GYM.

I like to count my steps.

Kristen Stewart Dating Alicia Cargile

Kristen Stewart dating a girl or her "gal pal"? That's not what her mother says. Stewart is officially dating a women.

That is kind of a change from Rob Patterson. Not to much because he is a girl too!

Alicia Cargile looks like a dude anyways so it all evens out.

Lebron James Has A Big Head After Game 5 Lost

Lebron James id confident saying he is the "best player in the world", That is a bold statement after losing game 5 last night.

Lebron has to show more than just that to make people say he is the best player in the world. He might be the best player of his time but in the world? This isn't Space Jam, Bruh.

Stay confident my friend.