17 Foods That Can Add On Years To Your Life

Everyone  loves food but here are a few foods that you may not know could help you live longer. Don't you want to be up therein the 100's?

  1. Dark Chocolate
  2. Broccoli
  3. Nuts (That reminds me I have trail mix in my desk)
  4. Beets
  5. Tomatoes 
  6. Berries
  7. Olive Oil
  8. Salmon
  9. Cranberries
  10. Spicy Food
  11. Green Tea
  12. Garlic
  13. Spinach
  14. Avocado
  15. Apples
  16. Asparagus
  17. Kimchi
Now you can change up your diet a little bit to add more years on.


The Fashion Do's And Don'ts

Everyone loves clothes I mean you have to look good to feel good don't you? I would say so. But there are somethings about clothing that need to come clean.

  1. Clothes that cost more are better - Not true
  2. Dress for your body type - Even though we would love to tell some people, you should wear it because you like it
  3. No "cool" outfits after a certain age - That is BS!
  4. Men's clothes are only mean't for men - I would have to agree, but hoodies are ok! No women would look good in eastdane.com clothing, lets face it. Or maybe so there are so many uni sex clothing now
  5.  Sneakers only belong at the gym or on vacation, so no shoes from payless.com or shoeline.com
  6. Everything needs to match - Not True
  7. Colors are seasonal - Not all the time
  8. Certain colors should never be worn together
  9. Never wear socks with open toed shoes that's a no no
  10. New clothes are good - Yeah they are!

3 Excercises To Knock The Pounds Off Your Waist

You want to get the pounds off your waist? But don't now a good solid workout to get the job done. Most women want to get as close as they can to the hour glass shape and it all starts with your sides.

Here are three moves you need to make in the morning to see some results.

  1. Side Plank
  2. Original Plank
  3. Russian Twist
Here are some video to keep your form right: 

Side Plank

Original Plank

Russian Twist

You can get your weights and medicine balls at workoutz.com or bodybuilding.com.

New Shoes For DSW.com

Yesterday I think I found my new shoe story! So I had to buy a new pair of shoes for a wedding and for work. You always have to have a nice pair of work shoes.

I bought a pair of Perry Ellis  dress shoes for my "wedding" and "dress up" outings and to top it off bought a pair of Clarks for my every day work shoe.

My new shoe store is DSW.com. I am very particular about my shoes and how I wear them because I walk through them so fast.

4 Tips For The Start At The Gym

There are so many decisions when you go into the gym of what are you going to do for each part of your body. Here are 4 good tips that will have you stressing less!

  1. Ellipitical or Treadmill?
    Say the Treadmill you get the most full body benefits and that still is true if you just walk (that is what I do)
  2. Free weights or Machine weights?
    Free weights for sure, they target more than one muscle and you get the most burn
  3. Playlist or TV?
    Its a personal question, but your playlist will motivate you more. I use slackerradio.com, iheartradio app, and 8tracks.com. Find one that will get you going
  4. Water or Sports Drink
    Water is the best thing to hydrate your body, the upside is your not adding that sugar weight back on
Hope these tips help you get back in the gym!

Tips To Make You Not "That Person" At The Gym

You a hot shot at your gym and you want to keep it that way? Here are a few things you want to do to keep your klout at the gym. 

5 Excerises For A Fat Burner Body

Here is a work out that will get your body into the fat burning machine that you want it to be. Who are we kidding everyone wants their body to be a fat burning machine as we get older.

So let's hope this workout can be a start for you!

  1. Kettlebell squat press
  2. Kettlebell swing
  3. Around the world medicine ball smash
  4. Medicine ball chest pass
  5. Medicine ball wood chops
Here are videos of the following workouts so you can play along. So you can get the form down when you want to do this workout.

Kettle Bell Squat Press

Kettle Bell Swing

Medicine Ball Smash

Medicine Ball Chest Pass

Medicine Ball Wood Chop

You can get a medicine ball at walmart.com or paragonsports.com. The other option is to make your own too! 

5 Myths About Working Out You Need To STOP

I like to work out but there is a lot of things that I read that I don't always want to believe. Here are some myths you should stop believing if your going to workout.

  • If I get sweaty I am out of shape
  • If I lift weights my muscles will get too big
  • Spinning will bulk up my legs
  • I have to eat less and work out more to be "in shape"
  • I am a girl and I can't do it

All of those are myths in some way. Working out is all about discipline and taking the right steps to eat health. Bodybuilding.com can give you the right suppliments to fuel your body for a good healthy work out.

Google Maps Potholes With GPS

Totally off today's topic but this is interesting news:

Google patents a system for cars that maps potholes. Google has patented a system for cars capable of automatically detecting potholes in roads.

This would help in Michigan because we are pothole city. The technology will use GPS to pin point the damaged cement.

The roads around here are ridiculous every time you turn around there doing something.

Cool 18 Sale With Promo Code and Free Shipping

Haggar.com has a nice sale going on right now.


Shorts: $19.99
Pants: $29.99

Big & Tall

Shorts: $21.99
Pants: $31.99


You have:




FREE SHIPPING on orders over $60 and FREE RETURNS.

Tee Shirt One Day Sale At Crazy Dog T Shirts

To add more to the tee shirt talk. We have another website that kills it with tee shirts. That is crazydogtshirts.com.

They have a sale for buy 2 tees get 2 free, but its a one day sale. The internet hates one day sales but Twitter seems to love them.

I will say from a brief view of their website they have some cheesy tees. More for teens. So if you have a younger sister  or brother, good gift ideas.

How To Get $6 Tees Online

I'm a sucker for tee shirts so I have to tell you when I go to the store and see a funny or a "causal tee" I have to buy it.

I like to visit 6dollarshirts.com when I am not at the store. You always have to be trending with your tee.

There are so many companies that are come out with new tees. I know this because Love Life Swagger is always on their grind.

They are coming out soon with Denim Jeans. So keep your eye out for them. But you can't beat a $6 tee.  How can be beat their everyday sale also, 10 tees for $50!

Check out their new tee for today!

Want An Amazing Shave?

So this is totally off subject but its guys stuff. I know I mentioned that I wanted a one blade shaver. I found it at amazingshaving.com

And they have FREE SHIPPING over $50 in 48 states. Its a safety razor that I am after. Now I just have to remember this post when I want to buy it.

I wonder if their shave soap is any good because I have sensitive skin. Guess I'll have to try it out.

Hitting The Gym First Time in 6 Months

Yesterday was the first time in a while, like 6 months I hit the gym. Well I didn't really hit the gym but I did swim. Which I guess that counts to?

I just have to lose some weight. Its getting hard for me to get my socks on in the morning lol. Just kidding.

But I also felt good after a hour in the pool. I did 9 laps and my neck was killing me. But NO PAIN NO GAIN!

I am excited about hitting the gym again, probably going to make it a 3 days a week routine. But I need to get back into eating health and protein shakes, even fruit shakes.

I always ate a peanut butter sandwich and had a chocolate protein shake, post work out. A1supplements.com seems to have everything I need for a good post work out shake.

I just hope that I can stay up on the routine.

Check out FB Page: ProteinAddiction

Causal Shoe Friday

Causal Friday shoes seem to be a lot harder to pick out for people but you can go online like I mentioned in my last post.

But there is a good shoe website for casual shoes called myfavoriteshoestore.com that you can get any style you want.

Right now they have SAVE $5 ON east street Naples and FREE SHIPPING on orders $30 or more.

Here are some casusal Friday shoes:

Easy Spirit® Traveltime Slip-On Sneaker

$49.99 to $54.00

Jan Dress Flat

$14.99 to $24.99

Canvas Espadrille

$14.99 to $19.9

Shopping For Shoes Online

I am a shoe shopper, well I buy shoes when I have to but I have never shopped for shoes online. But it seems like I should there are many shoes online. Just go to onlineshoes.com

And because I am always shopping for shoes I highly recommend that you look at the ankle boot! Its turning 65.

Here are some shoes that I like:

  • Men's Rockport Style Refinement Plain Toe - 413709
    Men's ROCKPORT
    Style Refinement Plain Toe$159.95
  • Men's Stacy Adams Tavin - 424763
  • Men's Clarks Jink - 417288
    Men's CLARKS
  • Men's Florsheim Castellano Cap Ox - 369316
    Castellano Cap Ox$129.95
  • Men's Blackstone Shoes SCM002 - 424939

Reboot Your Suit Sale

If your a sucker for a nice suit bananarepublic.com has the deal for you. Its reboot your suit time. Mix or match because your important.

And if your like me your suit needs to make you feel confident.

Get a Modern Slim Herringbone Gray Wool Suit Jacket


You can get Digby Brogue a nice looking dress shoe. And with fall coming looking at a Mixed-Gauge Sweater Jacket wouldn't be a bad idea.

Shopping For Causal Friday's

So Last week I made up my mind of having no causal Friday clothes and I need some. I hate having to wear dress clothes on Fridays.

I am huge fan of V-Necks but don't know where to buy them. I was thinking maybe Oldnavy.com or Carsons.com.

Bananarepublic.com isn't A  bad place to go to for dress clothes.  Either is the Gap.com

Causal clothes are fine to me. But I do like to dress up Monday-Thursday.

Detroit Is Unsexy City in USA - Find Out By Who

This a bummer Playboy says that we are the unsexiest place in America. Yes Detroit that is us. Now how can we fix that. We have one of the best colleges in the USA with the hottest women for a college.

Detroit is breaking the heart of so many, maybe some stila cosmetics make up will make it all better. Probably not but its worth a shot.

Detroit has no night life but trust me. We have some weird shit that goes down in the D.

Last Days of Summer Sales

Has the summer comes to a hauling stop. We wanted to send out one more offer for you. Check out
these savings. Its almost like summer isn't going to leave.


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They have a great new Healthy Offer of the Week – save 20% on plums!!


Bloomingdale’s upcoming Dress Sale on Friday!
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Red Sox's Sign Dave Dombrowski Ex Tigers GM

Dave Dombrowski: Boston Red Sox Names Ex-Detroit Tigers General Manager as Team's President.

Dombrowski becomes the Red Sox's president of baseball operations  Ben Cherington is stepping down as the team’s general manager on Tuesday. 

Lets just hope yhe Detroit Tigers make the wild card. They killed the Cubs last night. I think we would be more in the race.

Back To School Round Up - Where To Shop

I wanted to let you know that Stila Cosmetics is having a one day sale 25% off + free shipping.

Stila Cosmetics

Its for their back to school. Fill your make up bag. 8/19 Only

Here is the code to us BTS25, Go back to school in fashion.


is a lifestyle site covering a wide range of topics including fashion, beauty, entertainment, living and much more.
They have some awesome back to school deals for the year.

Check out there: HP 14-Inch Chromebook


Focuses on home goods. So you can find something good for your college dorm or apartment. 


a must-have list of gear for freshmen.

Pitbull's Cologne Is Some Smell Good

I don't know about you but I smelled a lot of colognes last night and I would have to say that Pitbull's new cologne is a good smeller. Or as we like to call it "smell good".

Its called Pitbull Man and you can find it at Perfumania. That is where I went last night to get my 2 new bottles of cologne.

But there is one thing to be said that cologne isn't cheap anymore. I don't know what I paid for Jordan but some bottles started at $65 that's some "smell good".

Vintage Black Cologne From Perfumania

So, here is a short story, I have some cologne Jordan POWER to be exact. And I busted it by dropping it on the toilet, trying to spray some on me.

So with that being said I had to replace it because I needed some after the shower cologne. So I went to perfumania last night and got myself a NEW bottle of POWER.

But I aslo got a small sprayer for when I forget to put cologne on in the morning and I bought Kenneth Cole Vintage Black.   It was $10 to fill the little container.

I would highly recommend giving vintage black a shot if you need a gift for someone.

Team Defeats New York Jets, 23-3 in NFL Preseason Game at Detroit's Ford Field

The Detroit Lions come out of the gates with some fire power. Beating the New York Jets. 23-3.

Some highlights of the game:

Golden Tate 35 yd touchdown. 
Ameer Abdullah 45 yd run.
Sounds like it was a great win for the Detroit Lions.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Is on The Come Back

Guys it back Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is doing a reboot. This is going to be something to watch. Who doesn't like Fresh Perince of Bel-Air?

It will be the come back of 2015. If you check your Facebook news feed there is a lot of buzz about it. Let's hope that Will Smith is up to something good.

Can Detroit Relive The Bad Boy Era?

Could the Detroit Pistons come back with a "Bad Boy Era" under Coach and GM Van Gundy? It would be interesting to see.

Reports say that the Van Gundy team is in place so Detroit might see for a push in the playoffs. That would be nice to see if you are a Detroit Pistons fan.

Cleveland looks like they are out for blood this year. So it might have the Pistons watching their back.

Going on A Last Summer Vacation

Haven't been writing here for a while but I do have some goodies for you.

Bloomingdales.com has a grand sale.

OFFER: Extra 25% Off Sale (Online Only)
VALID: 8/17
EXCLUSIONS: Offer excludes Men and all Home merchandise, Cosmetics & Fragrances, and Space NK

Urbanoutfitters.com has a new sale going on starting this week!

Beginning Thursday, 8/13, there will be a men’s and women’s Jeans Promo. The WOMEN’s promo will feature $39 BDG Twig + Cords and the MEN’s promo will feature $49 Levi’s.

Those are the two sales I would pay attention to if you are going on a vacation!

Angry Orchard Cider Has A Recall

If you are a beer drinker you might want to hear about this recall just like the Coors Light recall. Angry Orchard is saying that their bottles can break and that they are recalling the cider beer.

Pour it in a glass if you are going to drink it. I have never been a fan of Angry Orchard, been more of a fan of Not Your Fathers Rootbeer.

Its a very popular beer but most bars don't have it. Only a select few.

Summer Deals Online For August

Now as the summer is coming to an end. Yeah its sad but true. But Hey! you can still try to get the last summer deals.

August is a great time to get "summer" deals on clothes because most stores are taking clothes of the shelves.

JosBank.com has some deals going on like, buy 1 get 2 free pants. Use code: SIXTY

PaulasChoice.com has skincare products on sale, that you need to check out!

Newegg.com has a sale going on for the month of August Promo Code: AFNJ1870