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Netflix Subscriber Problems

streaming netflixNow i am a subscriber of Netflix but they aren’t worth the hike that i was told via email that service was now going to be $10 a month. Now Netflix is bitching that they have hit a wall. Maybe if there weren’t so many other movie and TV sources and you had good things to watch. Not hating on the trailer park boys or any TV show I watch but the movies suck. (more…)

cars 2016

The Best Cars That Retain Their Value

Now I am not much of a car guy but, I try to be. Hahahaha.

Shopping for a car can be fun, when you go car shopping you want to look for car that is affordable, but not only that but drives well and looks good. No one wants a crappy looking car, right? You want the best car for your money, and the truth is cars aren’t all built the same. (more…)