Some Hacks You Might Not Know About Good Ole Amazon

Perks of shopping amazon

Some Hacks You Might Not Know About Good Ole Amazon

Every Amazon shopper should know these clever ways to shop the site and hey you can save a little money too, every penny counts guys!

You need to use the chrome plugin – Wikibuy which will notify you if the product you are looking at on is cheaper anywhere else. It also applies coupons and discount codes automatically to places, like, and,

Get 2 hour delivery on alcohol with Amazon Prime Now. Its not in all cities. You can also do some grocery shopping on from Whole Foods.

Perks of shopping amazon

Are you running out of photo space? Use FREE storage with Amazon Prime. I’m a member and I didn’t know they had this.

Get 2% back when you reload your Amazon gift card. If your looking to make a big purchase? Why not save a little cash through, it might be a good perk for you.

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