What You Can Do With Your Amazon Echo Be Careful With #16


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Amazon Echo DotSo last week we go an Amazon Echo Dot. The thing is pretty sweet and useful for certain things. Still haven’t figured out a lot of what it does but its always a learning curve. The best feature is the sounds of nature so far and that it plays pimp juice all the time. Okay maybe that’s my doing but still you have a ton of music by talking to Alexa. 

There are a ton of apps to install for you to make the best use of it but its worth it. some of my favorites are: ( There called skills)

  • Plan a vacation
  • Check airport security time waits — if you travel a lot
  • You can pair your wine with food
  • 7 minute workouts
  • Best one!! Order pizza
  • Check board game rules
  • Order flowers if you need too
  • Check the weather before you go out
  • Mix a drink
  • Connect with your fitbit
  • Look up recipes
  • Watch TV
  • Turn on and off your lights
  • Follow your favorite sports teams
  • You can find your phone with Alexa
  • You can order stuff off Amazon .. But be careful with this one .. There is a setting you can turn on that orders from certain words you say.

Now there is a good start for you to learn about your Amazon Echo Dot.

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