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Wednesday Special Offers for Holiday Shopping!

Online holiday shopping

Do you like special offers like I do? I love special offers especially around the holidays. It makes for easier Christmas shopping here is some of today’s special offers.

FlashXpress™ Toaster Oven with Double Infrared Heating Save $50 Off Now $99.99 with Code SAVE!

Free ELEMIS Renewing Collection on Orders $99 or More with code: MY7GIFTS!

Dresswe Crazy Sales for Christmas

We have some other great offers for today on this great Wednesday for the Holidays just a few great gift ideas.

Buy any 10 Tie or Bow Tie and price will be $15

I want to help you do some shopping for the Christmas list you may have!


Twitter Expands Character Count to 280

Twitter character count

Now I know that has been saying that they will be updating the character count for tweets did they actually do it now? I got an email saying that Twitter is now a 280 character count what’s the truth to this?

I wounder how long this will last? Leave your thoughts on Twitter

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You can read here

How Often Do You Used GIFS on Social Media


How often do you use GIFS with your website or social media. I personally like to use a GIF every morning on my Instagram or a Emjoi. Usually a coffee one or a silly one of the week or day. If your looking to follow someone on Instagram my username is @Nicholasb28.

I have a company one @Quickcarloansnow.

I would personally encourage you to use a GIF if you are currently running someones social media. GIF are small animated photos. Before you share a GIF you should make sure it fits your niche. I personally like to used . For all my GIFS.