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pest control in Michigan

Tips and Tricks For Termite Season

Most people think of spring season being allergy season but spring also can bring termites which if not taken care of can cost you thousands of dollars.

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home remodel

Home Renovations On A Budget

Upgrading your home means saving a little for large and small projects. There are opportunities to renovate your home on a budget if you are low on cash.

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draining a hot tub

How To Properly Drain Your Hot Tub

Your hot tub could be the luxury just like a Jacuzzi tub at the end of the day to relax are aching muscles or just relax But just like a pool they have to be maintained to keep the water and the tub working properly for you to enjoy.

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Holiday home maintenance

Things to check up on in your house before the holiday

It can be nerve-racking to have tons of people over at your house for the holidays. If you’re hosting the holidays you want to make you guys feel comfortable in your house.

Making your house functional for guests may mean checking things off your to-do list that never got done.

First off you want to make sure your dishwasher and the dishwasher filters are clean. This will make sure that Your dishwasher is effective and efficient for cleaning all the silverware and dishes. You can simply put the filter and hot water and use a toothbrush to clear off any gunk that is on the filter.

You can also clean your dishwasher by putting a cup of vinegar on the top rack and just letting it run.

home improvements for the holiday

Home Improvements Before the Holiday

Check the temperature in your fridge

Do you want to make sure that your fridge is working properly? If your fridge is hovering at 40° which is the max for a refrigerator you might need to clean the coils that are behind the fridge. You can also vacuum around the fridge.

Clean your hood vents

With the holiday season coming and all the cooking that you might be doing it would be encouraged to clean your hood vent and the filter at least once a month if you haven’t already.

You can also put the filter in the dishwasher are you the detergent that you trust to clean. A sidenote you want to make sure that the filter is completely dry before you put it back in its spot.

Seal your countertops if they are stone

Your stone countertops can take a beating if they are not sealed from lemons acids and other wines. You can hire a stone contractor to seal and treat any stone counters. this can also go for granite countertops.

Treat your wood

If you have any untreated wood tables chairs you should treat them before you have company over for the holidays you don’t want any stains on wood tables chairs or anything basically that is made of wood. The suggestion that we have is to find out what kind of what you are working with so that you get the proper stain and protection for your wood tables or chairs.

Change out your HVAC filter

Your HVAC filter should be changed out every three months or so. this will ensure that at least your guests are breathing in clean air while they are over for the holidays and you can find air filters for your HVAC system at your local home improvement store.

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Clean out your Vents

Also to ensure clean air clean out your vans with the wind that is around the house. Over time your vents collect the dust and debris that can hamper your air quality so using a wand to clean the floor air vents could be beneficial.

Upgrade your lighting

Change out your lighting such as white bulbs and make sure all your lambs are working in your living room’s bedroom and kitchen dining room or anywhere that guests may congregate to you don’t want to be running around the house changing lightbulbs at the last minute. You may want to also look at what they considered warm lighting lightbulbs.

Check up on your garbage disposal

Do you want to Clean your garbage disposal of only one to clogged or Foul smells? First, put some ice cubes down the garbage disposal and turn it on to get off the scraps that are on the blades of the garbage disposal. Also, use lemon peels as a garbage disposal is running to take care of any orders that are coming from the garbage disposal and give it a fresh lemon smell.

Check your toilets for any issues

When you have gas over you want to make sure that your toilet is functioning correctly so that you don’t have any mishaps and overflowing toilets so make sure that you know how to shut off the water in your bathroom to stop overflowing. if you have any plumbing issues currently you might want to hire a plumber to come out and fix it and he said issues.

keeping your drains clear is going to keep the headaches out of flooding your house for the holidays. Keeping a plunger in all of the restrooms or bathrooms as you wish is Highly encouraged. some plumbers may also advise you not to flush or anything that isn’t toilet paper or supposed to be going down the toilet to keep clogs from happening.


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