Author: Nicholas Broutin

hardwood floor care

Five Ways You Can Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Keeping your home’s floors or carpet protected is an all-year-round job. The elements of snow, mud and ice melting can end up making your floors and house a mess. Not to mention the damage that can happen to your flooring over time. In the summer you could be dealing with beach-type sand and/ or garden dirt so you can never really win.

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top 5 christmas movies

Top 5 Christmas Movies I Enjoy Every Season

So since it’s in the holiday of Christmas I want to share with you one of the hardest things to do and that’s to count down favorite Christmas movies during the season. Read More

BMW Sports Car

Not Overpriced Old Sports Cars

No one wants to buy an overpriced car and why should you? I mean there are so many nice cars out there on the market. The first one that comes to mind is the Telsa. Read More

gadgets you will want in 2019

Gadget You Will Want in 2019

We all need gadgets in our lives right? Well here are some that you might be missing out on.

  1. Fixd – its vehicle diagnostics with out the mechanic. It syncs with your phone. Regardless of you having a new or used car.
  2. Keysmart – it keeps all your keys nice and neat. It’s a Swiss arm knife for your keys and it holds up to 14 keys.
  3. Photostick – it backsup your videos and photos. It’s a thumb drive that looks for photos and videos.
  4. VIZR – this gadget gives you heads up directions when you’re behind the steering wheel. It just has to sit on the dash of your vehicle.
  5. Dodow – trains your brain to sleep.
  6. Peeps – its NASA approve cleaner for eyewear.
  7. Xtra – PC – it makes your old computer fast again.
money saving tips

What to Do When You Money Slows Down?

This happens to the best of us and without reason for most of us, right? Everyone has money troubles at times.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

You never want to but your eggs into one basket its foolish now. Always work on a side hustle if you have one even after your nine to five.

You should always be looking at “jobs” that you can put your time into that has a big reward. Maybe a car wash or a rental property?

Try and stay in an idustry that your passioniate about. But remeber that all industries have a “dry spell” and some times you just have to stick it out. Don’t lose the drive when you enjoy what your doing. So many people don’t wait it out and just put in the work.

Your doing it for the passion the money comes second. If your blogging your blog should be fun to you.

Daily Uniforms

Having a Daily Outfit “Uniform”

This morning I found out something very interesting and that’s more and more people are looking at doing daily uniforms instead of always having to pick out clothes that talk to their personality per say. Read More

alarm clock for Christmas

Why You Need an Alarm Clock This Christmas

An alarm clock is the must have you need this Christmas. You don’t need to be looking at your Instagram feed before bed. Put your phone on the wireless changer and get some ZZZ’s.  Read More

Outerwear before a winter coat this Christmas

6 Brands To Look at Before Buying a Winter Coat This Christmas

Everyone that lives in the Midwest needs a winter coat that’s a given. People, friends or family may put a winter coat on their Christmas list.  Read More

Christmas gifts for the girlfriend

Gifts Your Girlfriend or Wife Really Wants This Christmas

With Christmas around the corner here are some awesome Christmas gifts your girlfriend/ or wife may want to get you this year. Or these can be things that your girlfriend wants this year. My wife wants coach purse or a Kate Spade purse. So you might be lucky with this list. Read More

Christmas Coffee

How To Get The Perfect Coffee on Christmas

How to make the best coffee at home for Christmas. Everyone should love Coffee right? If your a coffee drinker everyday this will be right for you.  Read More