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3 Items You May Want on Your Christmas List for Black Friday or Cyber Monday

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There are few things you might want to splurge on for black Friday and or Cyber Monday. Not that I’m a huge fan of Black Friday. 


Walmart Has Delivery Service So You Can Be Lazy Again

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Its awesome that is coming out with a delivery service but do you actually need it? Unless you don’t like to go shopping like myself …


The Essentials For Any Car New or Used Doesn’t Matter

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Before you check your truck for anything you need to have a car right? Getting an auto loan is fairly simple for most people you just …

eCommerce websites

How To Launch An eCommerce Website

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You want to know an easy way to launch an eCommerce website? 

Road Trip Music

An awesome place for Road Trip Music Playlists

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So your looking for a playlist for your car because your bored and on the web? And you have used for years? But its time …


If Only I Could Drink Coffee in the Morning

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You know one of the things I think about doing every morning but don’t is drinking coffee. Its a real shame because I have one of …


How’s Your Shoe Game For The Holidays

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via GIPHY What do you shop for with the holidays? I know I shop for almost everything like on sites like and But they …


The Best Way to Book a Vacation Regardless of Where Your Going

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So you want to book a vacation? Do you like to travel to amazing places? There is nothing wrong with traveling.


Womens Cold Weather Rain Boots

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Now that its winter time and there is snow on the ground, yes I said snow you might want the right rain boots to keep your …


Christmas Cigar Sampler Mike’s Cigars

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Well if you are into cigars here are a package of some popular ones by demand. Have a Merry Christmas.Chris Cigar Black Friday Sampler