Remodeling Trends That Are Happening

Home remodeling is always a big trend and has been over the past few years. People have been looking to do the kitchen, bath, and outdoor living. More design trends can be found for aging in place for bathroom showers. Another thing to look into is the sustainability and efficiency of your home.

Top home remodeling trends now

Windows in the kitchen seem to be a grand idea with all the unique ways of storage up high cabinets aren’t used as much. Builders are looking at the trends of different storage within the kitchen. A white kitchen is still the go-to for a kitchen remodel if you’re looking at color ideas or kitchen plans. A more casual approach to a kitchen is ideal for most builders.

4X12 backsplash tiles for the kitchen are the entire trend for homeowners. Most homeowners are just looking for a fresh updated appearance.

Storage in the kitchen is a trend to be simple and easy. Pull-out cabinetry is what most homeowners want. Shelving that brings appliances in the kitchen to the countertops is most important. Drawer dividers help organize bowls and plates.

Bathroom remodeling

More than half of all homeowners that are remodeling their bathrooms now have installed rain showerheads. And the other percent have added dual showerheads with body sprays.

The shower and bath products that are out on the market now have up their game they work as well as they look. With no-slip flooring, curb-less showers, and shower benches have become features that anyone at any age wants in their bathroom.

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When did we ask people what is the one feature that is a must in any bathroom? A lot of people are going to tell you heated floors the cold tile just ruins the spa-like experience for most. Heated floors in the bathroom are pretty inexpensive to install and could be a large selling point.

Homeowners want to save all they can from energy-efficient windows to installing solar panels. All homeowners want to reduce energy use and costs. People are looking at reducing water and adding trees to their landscape more.

Now most homeowners want to have their backyard be an extension of their indoor living space. They want their backyards to feel relaxing. The outdoor furniture you can now get for your backyard is durable and stylish.

Handyman for a home remodel

Another feature that a homeowner is looking for is outdoor privacy. Everyone wants home privacy when they are in their backyard. A handyman can help you create a safe place outside with your friends and family from deck cameras to landscaping.

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