Do Men Really Get Sports Cars when They Hit the Midlife Crisis?


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This is a question I have asked myself millions of times.  When I met my now husband, he was in his late teens and a typical lad.  This continued on into his twenties.  Then, when he hit thirty, we had a family and a mortgage and the standard house with the picket fence.  Still no sign of this elusive midlife crisis, in other words.  Now, he is 44 and he has just come back with a sports car.  Our wonderful people carrier, which I used to ferry around our kids, and their millions of friends, is gone and we now have this tiny thing that can barely fit the two of us, let alone our kids or the dog.  So is the midlife crisis real?

Signs Your Husband Is Going through a Midlife Crisis

It seems that purchasing a sports vehicle is indeed a clear sign of a midlife crisis, as is having an affair.  Luckily, I trust my husband and don’t think he is ready to trade me in for a younger model, just yet anyway.  However, there are other signs as well.  Usually, they start to develop a little spare tyre around the midriff.  Check – my husband has that.  They also vehemently deny that they are going through a midlife crisis.  Check – my husband does this too, although I’m sure every man does this, regardless of their age.  Then, there is an inherent anxiety, sometimes leading to depression.  Check – my husband has this.  Evidently, this is when purchasing new cars and finding younger girlfriends starts to happen.  Feeling younger releases the endorphins they are missing and lifts them out of their depression.  Check – my husband seems much happier lately.

A Change in Personality

I’ve Googled the signs of a midlife crisis.  I know you should never diagnose yourself through the internet, but since I wasn’t diagnosing myself but my husband and since he was never going to admit that he was going through a midlife crisis anyway, I saw no other option.  It seems that something that is very common during a midlife crisis is that there is a sudden, complete transformation of likes and dislikes.  A full personality change in other words.  Suddenly, men start to like free running sports (hence the sports car, according to my internet medical encyclopaedia).  They also suddenly start to like different music (I’m sure I heard him singing along to Nicky Minaj the other day, a far cry from his standard Boney M…) and they start to become all philosophical.  He certainly is starting to ask himself what the meaning of life is, and I saw him read The Watchtower in earnest the other day, something that is slightly concerning me.
I have confronted him with my findings, but he believes his behaviour is completely normal.  I told him that a midlife crisis is completely normal, but he’s not having any of it.  However, now that I have confronted him with it, he suddenly forces himself to no longer like the things his midlife crisis is making him like.  Typical!

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Now that my husband has officially admitted that he regrets buying the sports car, I seem to be stuck with it.  And while I was looking for car insurance for women, since the car is now mine, he decided to look for a Harley Davidson…

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