Driverless Car Send Google And US To Make Rules


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Google self driving car
Google self driving car

With Google now coming out with the self driving car it is making automakers to meet with U.S. regulators to see how they can get over the safety hurdles for the driverless car.
Regulators are looking at the driverless vehicle as a means to reduce traffic deaths.

They are now working with designers and potential sellers of cars to see more and drive smarter. This is in effort to deploy the technology quickly.

The automated car is the next step for new technology in cars. Safety is the number one priority  in making this automated vehicle, the highway traffic safety administrator wants to make sure that the safety and the technology in the car is reliable.

In August U.S. Transport tested 3,000 vehicles with wireless devices to communicate with other cars and roadside systems. NHTSA is going to use the data to make the “rules” for the driverless car. The agency will evaluate many aspects to the cars, like software, headlights, and safety.

Many automakers see the autonomous car as part of the strategy to eliminate on traffic deathes by 2020. Automakers want the U.S. regulators to take the lead so that states don’t have to make laws that vary for testing the new technology.

California governor last month signed a law that allows for trial testing of the self driving cars on the highways as long as there is a licensed driver in the drivers seat to take over the car if needed.

The self driving car has already been driven in the neighbors of Nevada but if this laws are being written by states than there is going to have to be some regulations on licensing for test the vehicles.  

Google looks at the autonomous car has it will not take away from driving it will make it better and safer to be on the road. 

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