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Ian Kinsler Wants Texas Rangers To Go 0-162

This year is going to be exciting in baseball, especially for the Detroit Tigers  the new 3rd baseman wants the team that traded him to go 0-162 this season. Ian Kinsler who use to play for the Texas Rangers didn’t like that the Rangers traded him so therefore wants the Rangers to go 0-162.

If your a Tigers fan I would say you should be pissed to know Ian Kinsler didn’t want to be traded.

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MLB Owners & Players officially Approve Replay 2014 Season

MLB owners & players officially approve expanded replay for the 2014 season. Now they need to put replay in all sports to make it easier on everyone. 

It makes the game go by much smoother when the officials use the technology that they have been given soon all sports will have iPads. That will be a great day, you won’t have to throw chairs anymore. 
But its a good sign when the MLB is making improvements.

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