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$25 OFF DEWALT 1400 Peak Amp Battery Jump-Starter


For all you Dewalt fans you need to check out this discount. Online shoppers use Coupon Code DBJS25 at checkout. One coupon per person, per transaction. Battery and portable charger. For when an emergency pops up on the job site.

Furthermore, are you always needing to jump your vehicle or vehicles this battery jump starter can help even with a V8?

essential checklist for any new or used cars

The Essentials For Any Car New or Used Doesn’t Matter

Before you check your truck for anything you need to have a car right? Getting an auto loan is fairly simple for most people you just need to know what you want and go from there. Read More

Lincoln Aviator reboot

Lincoln is Coming Back with The Aviator – SUV

Lincoln is coming back with the Aviator and it looks so nice. This SUV has the potential to sell better than the Continental.  Read More

good-question cars

Good Question What About A New Car?


That’s a good question or you can just get a new car?

Is This Your Smart Car?


You might need a new car .. hahaha .. is solid .. They don’t sell bikes though.

Slow Cars Suck


Do you have a slow car? is a solution!


This is What You Do on The Weekends


For 10 months WOW!

The Best Cars That Retain Their Value

Now I am not much of a car guy but, I try to be. Hahahaha.

Shopping for a car can be fun, when you go car shopping you want to look for car that is affordable, but not only that but drives well and looks good. No one wants a crappy looking car, right? You want the best car for your money, and the truth is cars aren’t all built the same. Read More

Audi TT RS Sports Car

Audi on Monday unleashed a new sports car and its a beast.

Under the hood, the TT RS packs quite a punch with a 2.5-liter, 395-horsepower (400-metric-horsepower) turbocharged, inline-5-cylinder-engine that harkens back to the company’s legendary Quattro rally racers of the 1980s. Its pretty bad ass.

The coupe price for this beauty starts at, $66,400 and the roadster starts at, $69,200. The TT RS will be in the European market this summer, with delivery options at the end of the year.
But for American drivers they don’t have the luxury of having the TT RS hit American soil. Guess well have to wait for it.

Volkswagon To Fix Or Replace Dirty Diesel Vehicles

Do you have a Volkswagon? Well if you do hop on this ASAP. Volkswagon has agreed to repair or replace 500,000 diesel vehicles.

Also, Volkswagen will pay back an undetermined amount of money to owners of the affected vehicles.

So now is the time to get your money back on a diesel vehicle. If you don’t want a Volkswagon, there are other options of cars.

Volkswagon seems to be trying to make it right for everyone.

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