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Audi TT RS Sports Car

Audi on Monday unleashed a new sports car and its a beast.

Under the hood, the TT RS packs quite a punch with a 2.5-liter, 395-horsepower (400-metric-horsepower) turbocharged, inline-5-cylinder-engine that harkens back to the company’s legendary Quattro rally racers of the 1980s. Its pretty bad ass.

The coupe price for this beauty starts at, $66,400 and the roadster starts at, $69,200. The TT RS will be in the European market this summer, with delivery options at the end of the year.
But for American drivers they don’t have the luxury of having the TT RS hit American soil. Guess well have to wait for it.

Volkswagon To Fix Or Replace Dirty Diesel Vehicles

Do you have a Volkswagon? Well if you do hop on this ASAP. Volkswagon has agreed to repair or replace 500,000 diesel vehicles.

Also, Volkswagen will pay back an undetermined amount of money to owners of the affected vehicles.

So now is the time to get your money back on a diesel vehicle. If you don’t want a Volkswagon, there are other options of cars.

Volkswagon seems to be trying to make it right for everyone.

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Lincoln MKC 2017 Tech Upgrades

Lincoln is working on keeping the consumer happy and excited at the same time. There are going to be some upgrades for the MKC 2017.

There is going to be new content and tech in the vehicle. Plus an auto hold lift gate and Sync 3. My car doesn’t even have sync 3. I’m a bit jealous.

In short, the MKC 2017 looks like a car/SUV that is going to keep on giving.

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Jaguar Is Discontinuing The Station Wagon

Jaguar has stated that they are no longer going to make the Staton Wagon. I didn’t even know they still made something like that.

Ok, so the station wagon I was thinking about is nothing like the one that Jaguar wants to discontinue. If you had this in mind .. your smart with cars ..

The USA has the wrong light on Jaguar, they are performance cars, first and luxury cars second. Its all the same to me. But say good bye to this car. Peace!

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