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Dress Preppy Men’s Style East Coast Vacation

How to do the prep style east cost summer. We have all the guide lines you need to pull it off. Follow these and you just might have a east coast summer.

  • Brooks Brothers Two-Button Regent Fit Blazer ($448)
  • Sperry Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe ($95)
  • Rancourt Beefroll Penny Loafers ($295)
  • Vineyard Vines Seafeather Plaid Breaker Pants ($100)
  • Patagonia Men’s Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover ($99)
  • Vineyard Vines American Flags Canvas Club Belt ($50)
  • Brooks Brothers Seersucker Sport Shirt ($80)
  • J. Crew Ludlow Spread-Collar Shirt in Navy Gingham ($88)
  • Saint James Meridian II ($95)
  • Ray Ban Wayfarers ($125)
Now we won’t tell a soul that your summer clothing was all bought online.

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Style Cues For Men

Most men feel comfortable in what they wear like a nice t-shirt and jeans, heck I feel good in a pair of sweat pants and my Sheldon Bazinga t-shirt. Even through its not acceptable anymore to go out in public like that since I am a grown man.

I guess I have to get a bit more classy and leave my tennis shoes at home and get a pair of nice causal shoes to go out in. I don’t know about you but I like to wear minimal accessories when I go out maybe a watch or a bracelet.

Accessories make a boy into a man I don’t know if that is true but here are some accessories that maybe you can try out and see for yourself.
Hugo Boss men's scarf
I’m not one for them and my girlfriend won’t let me wear one but to beef up your style buy a Hugo Boss men’s striped scarf, $65 at Macy’s.

Travel Shaving Brush
You also need a good travel shaving kit to stay groomed I let my beard grow and shave it on important dates but I do like a clean shave. Travel Shaving Brush, $30; and Shaving Bowl and Soap, $40 at L’Occitane

Men’s Ritual

You might want shave gel and after balm too Men’s Ritual includes L’Occitan shaving gel, after-shave balm, shower gel, eau de toilette and soap. A $109 value for $78 at L’Occitane.

Nautica plaid shirtMost women love when men dress in layers, I know my girlfriend loves it so you have to do plus it can give you an ego boost and make you feel good about the way you look. Nautica plaid shirt, $69.50; and sweater, $79.50 at Macy’s. I personally like American Eagle clothing for layer clothing.

Last but the most important are the shoes you wear out you have to have good footwear and Sperry’s can do the trick I have a pair and I love them. Make sure that they are wool you can get a pair of Sperry’s for $65 at Macy’s.

10 Wardrobe Essential For Every Man

Every man should look good with whatever they wear, here are 10 wardrobe essentials that should be in every man’s closet. You should want to revamp your closet with in clothes. Theses are must haves for guys.

1. Straight Leg Jeans – This is great middle ground for men that don’t like skinny jeans. Black Apple Men Farook Straight Leg Jeans – Jeans & Pants

2. White Crew Neck T-shirt – Get the adult version of it though no more target bull crap your a man now. Sonoma Life + Style Weekend Tee

3. Belted Trench Coat – Don’t let a rainy day ruin your style.Magellan’s Men’s Waterproof London Trench Packable Raincoat Bark M

4. Classic Grey Sweatshirt – Relax in style, a grey sweatshirt shows off the true style in a man. Buyers Picks Men The Classic Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt

5. Colorful Socks –  I don’t know what for but if you like to go against the grain your socks are a good starting point. Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Crew 3pk Accessories (Red)- 0.0 OT

6. Blazer – The easiest way to dress up anything you wear is to throw on a blazer when you go out simple but stylish. Helix Velvet Blazer – Men

7. Lace up Leather Boots – The shoes always make the man. Get a nice pair of boots or shoes and you will always look good. Rockport TC MocToe LaceUp Boots (Black) – Men’s Boots – 16.0 W 

8. Weekender Bag – Don’t leave your house without it. Estate Duffle

9. Colored Sneakers – A great way to start a conversation with a chick at the gym. Asics Men`s Gel Blur 33 2.0 Running Shoes Red/white/lime 7 Red
10. Comfy Sweatshorts – Make sure they look good and are right above the knee. Nike Men Classic Fleece Sweat Shorts – Shorts

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Find Streetwear Easier

Unfortunately in today’s fashion world, streetwear often gets its reputation by exclusivity. Too often, the search for limited edition apparel ends in an unlimited walk in circles. How can you buy the clothes if you can’t even find the boutique with no storefront sign on one of the big city fashion avenues?  Now, thanks to the new Gearbottle site, you can now search even broader for streetwear based off your wherever your standing in the world!
The co-founders of Gearbottle, Nick Peacock and Matt Hood, are two guys whose childhood friendship has been forged on their shared styles, passion and an unending search for “cool.” The concept behind the idea hatched back in 2010, after a sneaker convention sent them on a goose chase for a store called Flight Club somewhere in New York City’s streets of SoHo they never found. The duo was left empty footed and decided they had to help fix the unhip epidemic sweeping today’s current pop culture. After a couple brainstorming sessions over drinks, “Gearbottle” came to be. Whether you are on vacation in a new city wondering where the dope shops are, looking for that exclusive shop you’ve heard of but could never find, or just want to see what’s out there, just search Gearbottle, find your spot, and get your fresh!

American Love Affair

Hey Guys, I just visited a website that you should check out its called American Love Affair. They have all kinds of clothing for men and women. I am all about looking good and with the help of American Love Affair I can do just that. look good. If you want to you can join there mailing list.

In the men’s section of the website they have some nice logo-ed t-shirts, when I shop I am always about a store have great t-shirts. One of the many things I like about American Love Affair is there style in clothing for men. They carry some high end stuff that I like they definitely have a niche for American fashion that is one of the biggest reason I like them.

For the Ladies

American Love Affair has more of a selection for the ladies with tops and bottoms. Ladies they also have some nice women’s dresses. They are very competitively priced too! So women if you are looking for a dress or just an outfit for a nice night out check out American Love Affair for all your American Fashion needs.

For The Children

Hey mom and dad did you know that American Love Affair has great deals on clothes for children. So if you have a birthday coming up they have some great birthday ideas for your kids and hey maybe pick some nice for yourself too.

We need to start buying American and you can start at American Love Affair!