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Inside College Football Saturday UofM Wins, And State Wins

What a nice win for Michigan over Maryland. First Big Ten win of the season and second shut out in 15 years. This Michigan team is for real. Let’s hope they can get pass Northwestern that also tore it up on the field today.

The Jim Haugburgh era is heating up and it so good to see.  Michigan State has to stop winning and the way Ohio State is playing Indiana, we might see Michigan State #1. Not good unless you are a State fan!

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Who Will Coach Michigan Next Year?

Now here is a good question for you, who will be the next Michigan coach. Because they do need to repair the program. Michigan is the laughing stock of the Big Ten. The fans would love to see Jim Harbaugh back in Michigan.

But I think he will be staying in the NFL. But Jim isn’t the only coach that Michigan has in mind, Les Miles was talked about but he won’t talk until LSU’s bowl game is over.

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Jose Canseco Wants To Be The Next Texas Longhorns Head Coach

Jose Canseco Wants to Be Texas Head Coach, Shares His Plan to Fix Team

Jose Canseco wants to be the Texas Longhorns head coach but what makes this even funnier is what he has planned for the football program.

He wants to join the SEC and go get another Vince Young for the QB position and hire the Baylor recruiting coach because he is killing the program.

This sounds like a bulletproof plan and the Longhorns should move forward with Jose, and he knows football better then he knows baseball. This should be a good start to your Monday.

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