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MSU’s Conor Cook Drafted 4th Round By The Oakland Raiders

Michigan States own Conor Cook went ..

In the 4th round ..

To a sucky team in the NFL ..

Oakland  Raiders ..

That shows you how bad the Michigan State Spartans are with their football program.

I think it might need to be beefed up you guys .. or should I say MSU fans ..

You think you have a team that wins ..

But 4th round QB in the NFL ..

We should just call Michigan State the Florida Gators .. Because Conor Cook is going to end up like Tim Tebow.

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Buffalo Bill’s Ralph Wilson Gives Detroit A Couple Million Dollars

So today Detroit got some good news, the owner of the Buffalo Bills is giving some of his fortune to two cities. Ralph Wilson is giving a couple million dollars to Detroit and Buffalo.

He seemed to be a man that knew how to make money and save a lot of it. I’m sorry to say but Detroit needs to have someone put a lot of money into it but every thing seems to be going well with the plans that Dan Gilbert has.

But we shouldn’t forget about what Ralph Wilson is giving and has done for the city of Detroit. 

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Detroit Get Rid of Alex Henery For New Kicker

So I have decided to start writing on this site again but this time I think I am just going to write about how horrible Detroit sports are and that we get nothing out if it as a fan but broken hearts and drunk people.

The Detroit Lions signed a new kicker Matt Prater and let go of Alex Henry because I guess he doesn’t know how to do the easiest job in football.

Again, Reggie Bush ain’t doing crap for me, he put up 5 points for me and I had to rely on another broke game from him.

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