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What Home Improvement Projects For The New Year

Everyone wants to improve parts of their house from small Renos to large add-ons home improvement projects are on the rise. If you have a foreclosure you just bought in Miami Florida that house may need a remodel or the plumbing just inspected.

When doing home improvement projects it’s best to call on a local expert to get the job done.

Home Improvement Experts Near Me

Call on a local home improvement expert now.

Most requested home improvements for homeowners

The list for most upgrades for a homeowner is as followed:

  • Installing an ultraviolet light to your air filter to help with the air quality indoors. A HVAC specialist locally can help you with that.
  • Look at installing a tankless water heater. Doing this can help save money on maintenance cost and energy. A local plumber nearby can help with the install.
  • Installing a fire suppression system in your home will allow for you contain fires in two minutes or less.
  • Protect your home from flooding by installing a basement waterproofing system. A basement waterproofer near you can help with that.

Home improvement projects have been on the rise over the last year. This is because more people are finding themselves at home. If you need help with a home improvement project call a local professional in your area.

We are here to help you connect with the best-qualified professional in your area. From plumbing to HVAC and Flooring install we have you covered.

home maintenance projects

Small Home Projects That You Can Save Your Money On

Every home has daily maintenance tasks that need or should happen. Here are a few minor tasks around the house that could save you money down the road and help keep your home from any major damages. It helps to keep the cost of repairs down if you can.

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Avoiding Costly Home Repairs

Home maintenance contractors

Local Home Maintenance Contractors

Avoid major costs of repair and replacement in your home projects.

When you’re thinking about them home maintenance projects may be costly to you. But we have some tips that may help you keep the home maintenance projects within the budget.

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Winterizing Your House in South Bend Indiana With These Tips

With winter right around the corner now is the time to think about winterizing your home here are a few quick tips to get you started with winterizing your home.

winterizing your home in South Bend

Helping Winterizing Your Home

If you need help with winterizing your home we can help.

One of the things that you should check while winterizing your home in South Bend Indiana is your roof to make sure that there are no loose shingles or any areas that could let water sit underneath your roof shingles because that can cause major water damage in the spring.

The winterizing tips you may need in South Bend

You should also have your chimney swept before the winter to get all the shit out of your chimney and to help with the efficiency of your winter fireplace.

The next one is for your HVAC system to make sure that the maintenance is at the peak of performance for the winter. Make sure all your carbon monoxide is functioning as it should. you might want to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment to make sure that your furnace will be able to maintain for the winter months.

Cleaning those gutters is a must because the leaf buildup can cause water dams and ice dams to create creating more damage to your downspouts and actually allow water to just sit on your roof. Plus your gutters can create puddles down at the base of the foundation creating water damage in your basement.

Make sure that you inspect your windows and make sure that they’re all sealed You don’t want any air leaking and make sure you caulk around any gaps in the windows and seal the doors with the weatherstripping for the winter months. You will want to check around where your pipes and wiring enter the house make sure that they are sealed off.

Inspect and check your driveway because the winter months can create cracks That will result in repairs with the frequently cold spells you might be having. Fall is a great time of year to seal coat your driveway and prevent water and ice damage to the driveway.

check your outside water supply make sure that the water to your Spicket outside is shut off because the screen creates frozen pipes that will wreak havoc on your mentor plumbing system. It is recommended to have a Spicket cover so that your pipes are protected you can pick them up at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Empty all hoses that are outside and bring them indoors.

Send you are going to probably spend less time outside during the winter season in South Bend Indiana you may want to organize your garage meaning Declutter the garage. Make sure that you have easy access to winter tools such as a snowblower and shovels are used and boots.

Also if you have known cracks or holes in your garage you may want to close them off poured them off so that rodents and other animals don’t seek A hideout in your garage from the cold weather. since we are speaking on the terms of the garage you want to make sure that your garage door is in pristine condition for opening and closing and all the garage door clickers have brand new batteries so that you’re not stranded outside of your home.

Connecting with a handyman for home projects

If you need help with any of these projects for your home for the winter do not hesitate to reach out and connect with a local handyman in South Bend Indiana we have any man services available But book now before the busy winter season is upon us.

Holiday home maintenance

Things to check up on in your house before the holiday

It can be nerve-racking to have tons of people over at your house for the holidays. If you’re hosting the holidays you want to make you guys feel comfortable in your house.

Making your house functional for guests may mean checking things off your to-do list that never got done.

First off you want to make sure your dishwasher and the dishwasher filters are clean. This will make sure that Your dishwasher is effective and efficient for cleaning all the silverware and dishes. You can simply put the filter and hot water and use a toothbrush to clear off any gunk that is on the filter.

You can also clean your dishwasher by putting a cup of vinegar on the top rack and just letting it run.

home improvements for the holiday

Home Improvements Before the Holiday

Check the temperature in your fridge

Do you want to make sure that your fridge is working properly? If your fridge is hovering at 40° which is the max for a refrigerator you might need to clean the coils that are behind the fridge. You can also vacuum around the fridge.

Clean your hood vents

With the holiday season coming and all the cooking that you might be doing it would be encouraged to clean your hood vent and the filter at least once a month if you haven’t already.

You can also put the filter in the dishwasher are you the detergent that you trust to clean. A sidenote you want to make sure that the filter is completely dry before you put it back in its spot.

Seal your countertops if they are stone

Your stone countertops can take a beating if they are not sealed from lemons acids and other wines. You can hire a stone contractor to seal and treat any stone counters. this can also go for granite countertops.

Treat your wood

If you have any untreated wood tables chairs you should treat them before you have company over for the holidays you don’t want any stains on wood tables chairs or anything basically that is made of wood. The suggestion that we have is to find out what kind of what you are working with so that you get the proper stain and protection for your wood tables or chairs.

Change out your HVAC filter

Your HVAC filter should be changed out every three months or so. this will ensure that at least your guests are breathing in clean air while they are over for the holidays and you can find air filters for your HVAC system at your local home improvement store.

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Clean out your Vents

Also to ensure clean air clean out your vans with the wind that is around the house. Over time your vents collect the dust and debris that can hamper your air quality so using a wand to clean the floor air vents could be beneficial.

Upgrade your lighting

Change out your lighting such as white bulbs and make sure all your lambs are working in your living room’s bedroom and kitchen dining room or anywhere that guests may congregate to you don’t want to be running around the house changing lightbulbs at the last minute. You may want to also look at what they considered warm lighting lightbulbs.

Check up on your garbage disposal

Do you want to Clean your garbage disposal of only one to clogged or Foul smells? First, put some ice cubes down the garbage disposal and turn it on to get off the scraps that are on the blades of the garbage disposal. Also, use lemon peels as a garbage disposal is running to take care of any orders that are coming from the garbage disposal and give it a fresh lemon smell.

Check your toilets for any issues

When you have gas over you want to make sure that your toilet is functioning correctly so that you don’t have any mishaps and overflowing toilets so make sure that you know how to shut off the water in your bathroom to stop overflowing. if you have any plumbing issues currently you might want to hire a plumber to come out and fix it and he said issues.

keeping your drains clear is going to keep the headaches out of flooding your house for the holidays. Keeping a plunger in all of the restrooms or bathrooms as you wish is Highly encouraged. some plumbers may also advise you not to flush or anything that isn’t toilet paper or supposed to be going down the toilet to keep clogs from happening.

credit cards for home repairs

Why Forgo Credit Cards For Home Repairs

Do you need to fix up your home? Saving a little money before you use your credit card might be the way to go.

Repairs can get you if you’re not careful. We know that repairs can be unseen and some might not even have you prepared for them. You can find out how much you should save up for them by taking your property tax bill and dividing that by 12 this should give you an idea. With home repairs being so expensive a credit card can be tempting for payment.

home repairs

For Your Home Repairs

Find licensed and trusted home repair PROS.

How to look at credit and loans for home repairs

You may look at your credit card as a safety net but here is why you should look elsewhere for money to cover the expenses.

A personal loan – a credit card can get you with the interest making that repair you said you pay off in 12 months just a bit more expensive. With a personal loan, you can get a lower interest rate, and if you have good credit even better.

Home equity loans – might be even lower interest and if you have bad credit this might be the better option for you. And with the home equity, you have already you might see that your interest rate is low and the amount you can borrow is good.

Home equity line of credit – this can be useful because the line of credit stays open for about five to ten years. You don’t have to get a lump sum you have an open line of credit that you can use as little or as much as you want. You will only pay interest on the amount that you actually use.

In a nutshell, your credit card should be looked at as a last resort option with home repairs. It might be tempting with the cashback but the interest you will probably be paying back outweighs the rewards.

Save for home repairs

Honestly, the best way to deal with paying for home remodels or repairs is to save up and do the projects as you save the cash.

home projects

Five Home Projects You Need to Hire a Pro For

Five projects you should always hire a pro for. Just to be on the safe side of a repair.

Home projects that may need a handyman

  • Cleaning your HVAC unit – over time your outdoor HVAC unit can collect dirt. And hosing it off may seem like your cleaning it but really you’re just pushing the debris further down in the unit. It is encouraged by HVAC professionals to have it professionally maintained because one false move and you can have malfunctions happen to your unit. Calling a HVAC pro to come and remove the top and spray down your coils so they don’t get damaged will be your best bet.
  • Replacing your shower valve – If your shower is dripping after you shut it off you may need to replace the valve. It’s the piece that connects the hot water and cold water lines. It’s not recommended to replace as a homeowner because they can break easily and that can mean you would have to shut off your water for days until a plumber can come out and do the repair for you.
  • Installing pipes in the house – this can go horribly wrong if you install the wrong type of piping. Most homeowners connect the wrong types of piping together and overtime you will still have to hire a plumber to fix them.
  • Mold removal should be done professionally – mold is harmful if you ingest it. It’s best to hire a professional that can remove the mold safely and properly. Mold is usually rooted deep behind the walls. When you’re cleaning the walls and trying to remove the mold you’re usually just removing it from the surface and not the root cause.
  • Electrical work – changing light fixtures is one thing but once you get into more complicated electrical like wiring or circuit boards you should hire a professional it can get pretty risky. You don’t want to be creating any house fires or injuries.

Connect with a neighborhood handyman

If you need help finding a local handyman or contractor in your neighborhood we have a contractor available.

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handyman projects

Got Home Projects? Hire a Local Handyman

For any kind of home project you may have you can hire an available handyman in your neighborhood.

most expensive home repairs

Most Expensive Home Repairs To Save For

Home repairs can get expensive from lawn care to cleaning windows and mopped flooring or in general new flooring, it can be pricey. Home repairs need to happen over time no matter how good the curb appeal is.

With repairs and replacement being expensive a giant savings account might be in order. But what major expenses should you save for with your home?

The list of expensive home repairs

Roofs – to plan for this one you will need to save over time. Roofing can get pricey if you’re looking at replacing a roof the cost will be anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. As roofs get older the shingles start to move with weather and that’s how you can get roof leaks and water damages.

Water heaters – with a cold shower in the cold months it’s not going to be friendly for anyone.  You don’t want to be on borrowed time a water heater should be replaced every 10 years or so. Most homeowners just wait till the water heater fails but that’s not a good idea because you could be dealing with water damage down the line.

A deck – a damaged deck can be a safety hazard. Don’t neglect the deck you could be spending a lot of money on repairs. You should maintain your deck and have it inspected by a professional every year. Rotten boards or nails can cause damage and repairs can be costly if you wait too long.

HVAC – the maintenance needs to be checked up on every year you want to make sure that the AC/furnace will turn on when you need it. If not, it can be a costly bill for homeowners. An HVAC system can usually last about 15 years but that’s if you do annual maintenance. The cost can start in the thousands but if you have both replaced at the same time HVAC installers can discount the units.

Mold – this is serious work and if you wait it can be more costly. It’s hard to price this out because you have to see how much mold has grown. Mold isn’t always the easiest to spot and that’s why you may need to have a professional but your look at $2,000 to $3,000 for mold damage repair.

Septic tank and field repairs – your septic isn’t a large thought unless you’re having issues in your yard. Yes, repairs can be pricey. Over time you may have your septic tank fail because it needs to be pumped and inspected for damages. You may also need septic lines replaced.  If you’re on a property with septic keep an eye on the septic field and store some cash.

Foundation repairs are important to keep an eye on – they can create more damages to your home. More like water damages. The signs can be foundation cracks or sloping windows, or wall gaps. If you’re seeing uneven flooring too you will want to call for an inspection of your foundation.

Painting your house can keep the value of your home – the exterior may need a coat to keep the curb appeal. Painting your home can be an out-of-blue expense but you need to start saving now to afford it. The cost depends on the size of the home and how many stories you may have or want to be painted. Two stories are going to cost more.

Window replacement – can cost you but the good thing is that they last about 20 to 30 years if you get a good window. Over time windows can get damaged and not work properly. If that’s the case you may be looking at about $1,000 a window. Consult with a window expert to see what you need.

Plumbing issues can pop up at a moment’s notice – like clogged toilets or drains it’s important for your plumbing system to be at the top of your home priority list or you can be standing in water. Some plumbing issues will have to be done by a professional plumber. It’s vital to get your drains cleaned out yearly to avoid clogs. Drain clogs are the most common reason homeowners call for a plumber. Plumbing prices do vary a lot and most plumbers have to come out and see what the issues are.

Connect with a nearby contractor for home repairs

No matter what home maintenance is important for a healthy home. For the most expensive home repairs, you want to save now.

most expensive home repairs

In Need of Home Repairs?

For those home repairs that pop up unannounced.

air duct cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Missoula Montana

With the summer heat on its way out in Missoula, Montana people will be using their furnaces and fireplaces more.

Before you throw on the furnace or turn that fireplace heat on do you know when the last time you had your air ducts clean was? There are a lot of materials we don’t even know that collect in our air ducts that can be dangerous over time.

air duct cleaning

At times if you smell burning it might be the hair that is in the vents and that can mean maintenance. You should have the ducts cleaned out if that’s the case.

How often should you have your air ducts cleaned?

You should have your air ducts cleaned out twice a year just to be on the safe side. Air ducting cleaning can be cheap at times the average cost starts out at $450.

It is best to have your air ducts cleaned before winter plus you want to beat the winter rush. Usually, as air duct cleaning picks up in Missoula Montana you could be waiting around for about a month.

Don’t forget the dryer vent

Don’t forget to clean out your dryer vent too that vent gets clogged and you can have a mess on your hands. You want to avoid having a house fire this winter so it’s encouraged to have your vents cleaned.

We have air duct cleaning contractors all over Missoula to help maintain your home and you can get scheduled with a local air duct cleaner.

Lint and dust can cause a lot more damage to a living space than you know so we want you to try and keep the ducts as clean as possible. Also, make sure your venting is clear of the brush to avoid dangerous clogs. Maintenance is a must for proper ventilation throughout the house.

fall home repairs

Home Maintenace You Can Do in the Fall in Ohio

Home maintenance can be a bummer and a blessing. A bummer that you have to fix the things around the house and a blessing that your fixing the “must fix” items around the house.

fall home maintenance in Ohio

There is a checklist of home repairs you may want to fix up in your house this fall before the winter cold ruins your beautiful time outside. Remember that will fall now upon us the days are going to get shorter.

Home maintenance to-do list this fall

Ceil fan cleaning

Cleaning fans need to be cleaned – get that dust off your fans before it falls into the carpets and you get sick. This is also the time to switch up the blades so that the hot air is evenly distributed in the home.

Furnace maintenance

You want to prep your furnace for a winter – may want to get a yearly check-up on your furnace to make sure it’s in working condition. You will want to have a licensed professional inspect your furnace just in case of those cold snaps this winter. You don’t want any surprise with it being cold in your house.

Gutter cleaning

Fall time means gutter cleaning time – not cleaning out your gutters can mean problems for the winter. If the gutters aren’t free-flowing with water they can dam up and freeze. Dirty gutters can cause water damage and roof damage. Don’t forget to clean out the leaves too.

Door and window sealing

Seal all doors and windows drafts can cause higher heating bills – also look at caulking windows and weather-stripping doors it can help keep the cold air out. You should do both interior and exterior windows and doors.

Clean out sprinkler systems

Take care of your irrigation systems – drain all water from the lines so you don’t have any issues in the spring. That means garden hoses and outside sprinklers you don’t want any water damage. Because of the cold weather water will freeze and may cause more spring repairs.

Maintenance on the mower

Do maintenance on your mower – use a stabilizer to the fuel tank or you can empty the fuel tank after your last grass cutting. You don’t want any damages to your lawnmower as it sits for a long winter season. Not to mention this is the time to get your snowblower ready for the season make sure your snowblower has gas and fresh oil and will start on a dime.

Sweep your chimney

If you’re going to use your fireplace this winter you want to make sure it’s in working condition you can do this by hiring a chimney sweep company and having them inspect it for signs of damage and clean it. Dirty chimneys are the number one reason for house fires in the winter.

Connect with a local contractor

Fall time is to get your home in condition to deal with the winter cold months so take some time looking around your house inspecting things that need fixing or replacing.

You can hire a handyman near you in areas of Ohio and Michigan there are no projects we can’t handle.