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Dirty Things in Our House We May Never Clean

We all have dirty things in our house that we may never clean.

For some cleaning, your house may sound like a daunting task but it has to be done. If cleaning your house is not on your chore list to do for the week or the month. We have a list of things that you might overlook to be clean that should be cleaned.

You’re cutting boards

You should be cleaning all of your cutting boards at least once a week. Plus you should have one or two cutting boards one for me and one for fruits and vegetables.


Helping Cleaning Your House

Connect with a cleaning service that can tidy up your house.

Behind your fridge

The one spot that nobody really loves but opens the door every day is the fridge you should clean under and behind the fridge maybe once a week or maybe twice a month just to get things from underneath your fridge and to keep ants out of your house. Not to mention it can help with efficiency. You actually clean your fridge but every six months make sure the coils are clean also.

Your trash cans

All of the trash cans in the house meaning the bathroom the bedroom and laundry room trashcan should be cleaned out. This should be done with soapy water.

Your Faucets

Your Faucets can collect calcium build up and the faucet screen should be cleaned with a grout brush. You can use essential oils and an old toothbrush for scrubbing but let that sit for 15 minutes this should be done weekly to illuminate hard buildup.

Dishwasher and washing machine

Did you know that your dishwasher and washing machine should be cleaned monthly with soft soap and possibly a toothbrush you can buy tablets for your dishwasher the lemon tablets that you can find at any hardware store like Home Depot and Lowes will work? You should also vacuum behind your washer and dryer to prevent electrical fires and there should be done monthly.


In my house bedding is changed probably every couple of weeks and the mattress protector that we have is cleaned or washed every month because you don’t know this but the skin cells that come off your body and off your clothing when you sleep it will make you cringe so make sure that you are cleaning your sheets on a regular basis.

Outside grille

Saying that you probably are going to use outside equipment on a less frequent basis for outside grills should be washed down and scrubbed while it’s sitting outside or even in the garage or shed so that you don’t have any issues or calls in the grill when you go to fire it up for springtime barbecuing. you want to take care of that debris that is sitting on your barbecue.

Handles around the house

With everybody touching things around the house like keyboards door knobs remotes And light. These are some of the dirtiest areas of anybody’s house. you should be cleaning these areas of your home daily. With a homemade spray or any cleaning product that you trust from the store.

You can always get a cleaning service in your neighborhood of Michigan to help you clean any of the above household items.

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The Best Ways to Organize and Save

There are many ways to organize your house it’s very easy to not find the time but when you do you could save money and the clutter areas of your home. it just takes the mentality of really wanting to improve your space.

You can tackle the kitchen pretty simply Where are you want to focus is your refrigerator and pantry. Get clear bins and label each bin. This will help you even save money on groceries cause you’re not buying more than you need.

organizing your home

Organize Your Home

Need help with decluttering your home?

Reducing the clutter

With a cluttered house, it can make life a lot harder trying to find items such as clothes shoes socks underwear your name it’s hard to find and it also leads to over-purchasing and things that you already have. Having things in categories illuminate the need to buy such things as flashlight entertainment supplies and even more storage bins. If you have lived in one household for many years The annual cost of re-purchasing does add up.

You can always donate what you don’t want

When you are done decluttering your house you can also donate the items that you find that you don’t want or have too much of two places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill you can receive a tax deduction when you donate. To be on the bright side donation is actually the smarter option to choose than taking your time and trying to sell items on the Facebook marketplace or online like

you can always downsize a storage unit

If you are currently renting a storage unit what you’re probably paying a monthly fee for decluttering your house may allow you to bring some items back into the house from the storage unit so that you can get rid of the storage unit cost. Or if you’ve decluttered even your storage unit or your house you could see if the storage facility would let you downsize your self-storage unit in Michigan to a smaller cheaper space unit.

Find paper or documents storage

One of the biggest things is that documents and papers get lost in their household and they can pile up making it hard to make sure the bills are being paid on time and you are receiving the documents that you need. Finding a paper organizer or document organizer may be very helpful for you. Doing this can sure that your bills will be paid on time and you won’t be spending more money on late fees. This will make you more productive And waste less time.

Once you’re organized try to stay organized

Staying organized it’s a great way to stay motivated For a clutter-free home. A clean home makes you feel good. This will also make sure that you’re not making unwanted purchases and saving a lot more money.

A Cleaning Service Rochester Michigan can help you do you clutter and organize your homes such as your garage living space kitchen basement and other areas of your home.

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Cleaning Hacks for the Fall Season or to go into the Winter Season.

With the colder weather coming in with the mid-west to the east coast you’re probably going to spend a little bit more time indoors.

You can get peace of mind right now tidying up your home for the winter cold months ahead. Nothing like staying in a comfortable warm house that is clean all winter long.

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Need Help With Cleaning for the Winter?

do you want to tidy up outdoor spaces?

You might want to wipe down the lawn furniture before you store it maybe with a power washer and you may also want to take care of the gutters clean those out so that you don’t have any drainage issues in the spring. cleaning that debris from your flowerbeds is also recommended for the proper drainage around the house.

Check the house for repairs

And honestly never hurts to inspect your home To identify any issues That need to be taken care of before the winter. That means looking at your roof and siding and making sure that there are no loose shingles that could cause snow damage. if you need help with this there are handyman services that can assist.

Do you want to stay warm this winter so you want to actually also check for gaps in your doors and windows to make sure that you caught them or weatherstrip the areas to keep the cold breeze out? You just don’t want to have any major damage happen during the winter to your home.

take some time to eliminate dirt and dust

You will want to anti-bacterial in fact areas of the kitchen bathroom textiles and remove any dust particles around your house that is indoors This can also include rugs and curtains.

During the indoor months in areas of the Midwest and East Coast mopping the floors and vacuuming could be beneficial to keep your home dirt-free. you may also want to look into hands-free cleaning options for your home. or could also hire a cleaning service in your nearby neighborhood.

promoting good quality air in your house

In addition to keeping your floors clean And the allergens under control, The next step might be to schedule a furnace inspection To make sure that your furnace is in good condition and that the HVAC experts replace your filters. you can also consider an air duct cleaning before the winter.

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Clean your fans and also rotate the blades so you’re not really getting a cooling effect in your living space.

Bring out the seasonal clothing

While it might not be fun to always have to wear a winter coat it is essential if you’re going to be out maybe picking up groceries or having to go to the hardware store to fix our jobs in your home or condo. Plus it’s always good to have a pair of good winter boots so swapping clothing for the winter might be in order and on a side note it might also help you declutter your home.