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Lady GaGa Is Going To Space

Did you hear today Lady Gaga is to perform in space? This girl has to be a nut job to do something like this. I mean she has good music sometimes but why would you want to go into space to do that? I don’t get her sometimes.

Her album is to be released November 10th, maybe that will be in space too. Let’s hope that she has a legit reason to be going to space is all I have to say.

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Lady Gaga ‘s New Social Network Little Monsters

Lady Gaga has a new social network called you can create an account or you can sign in straight from your Facebook. I wonder what made Lady Gaga want to have a social networking website is that what all the celebs are doing now. Is that the new trend?

If so I wonder who will have the next one, my cards are on Justin Bieber. Take a look at the social network. login with your facebook and give it a try it remind me a little bit of with the layout.

But congulations to Gaga for making this happen, I hope it does well. Facebook has some competition from Lady Gaga.