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Lance Armstrong Still Under Investigation But Now For Olympic Games

Once the International Cycling Union agrees to the findings of the United States doping agency and strip Lance Armstrong of his 7 Tour De France medals
its only a matter of time

til they start looking at Lance’s Olympic medals.

The Olympic committee has said that they will now start a the process immediately to look at Lance Armstrong’s involvement in the Olympic games.

Compared with the loss of his reputation and sponsors and the fact that he had to step down as chairman of his Livestrong cancer foundation, the bronze medal Armstrong won in a time trial in the 2000 Sydney Olympics is important for signifying just how far the globally-respected athlete has fallen. The latest sign? An effigy of him will be burned during the Bonfire Night celebrations in Edenbridge, England, this weekend.

Lance Armstrong seems to be doing fairly well in Hawaii.

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Lance Armstrong asked to return nearly $4M In Tour de France Prize Money

Lance Armstrong Medal Reaction
Lance Armstrong Stripped Of Medals

The board of international cycling has asked Lance Armstrong to give back nearly 4 million.

Lance Armstrong has won seven tour de Frances and was stripped
of them because of doping.

The governing body is also investigating how long he has been doping for. The UCI says that they will do whatever it takes to get cycling back on track. They have demanded that Armstrong gives all his winnings back. Now Lance is saying that he paid the UCI to keep his doping a secret by paying them 2 payments of $125,000, and the UCI says that they have never taken a bribe from Lance Armstrong.

A spokes lady for cycling says that cycling is a completely different sport as the riders under go a lot more testing for doping since 1999-2005. She also states that they have heard all the concerns from the Lance Armstrong affair and the sport of cycling is taking them into consideration.

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Governing Body Strips Lance Armstrong Of 7 Tour De France Titles

Bicycle macroForget the 7 Tour De France victories or the yellow jersey celebrations. Forget about the name that dominated the cycling world for years.
The cycling governing body has put their foot down
and stripped Lance Armstrong of his 7 titles,
so to the committee Lance Armstrong is out of the record books.

Lance Armstrong has been banned for life in cycling for his involvement in doping as they say it tainted the sport and the reward of winning at the highest level. Lance doesn’t deserve to be in cycling and therefore needs to be forgotten in the sport of cycling.

Lance Armstrong is going to go under more investigation for his 2000 bronze medal. Christian Prudhomme the tour director says that he doesn’t consider Lance Armstrong a champion from 1999-2005 and would like if Lance paid back all his prize money.

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Nike And Lance Armstrong Part Ways

Lance Armstrong splitting from Nike

Today Lance Armstrong and Nike part ways and there was something modern and telling about the way the news had covered it, as if an exhaustive report by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency featuring damning testimony by 11 ex-teammates—or the possible stripping of his seven Tour de France titles—was just a mild prelude to the shame that would accompany the loss of a sneaker company’s endorsement.

That is the world we live in we like to build products with our sports athletes and that is what we did with Lance wanted him to be the best for performance  Its good to see that Nike is taking a stand with some of the sports they endorse.

Lance Armstrong is being banned from Nike for life because of the substances that he took while he was competing.