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Lil’ Wayne Suffered From Dehydration Not A Seizure

Lil Wayne Seizure complications
Lil Wayne In Concert With TruckFit

It looks like Lil’ Wayne complications from a seizure were a little overblown, because the boss rapper suffered from dehydration not a seizure on his private jet.

They had to land in Texas to take him to a hospital. But he is doing fine at his home now.

His rep says that he is following doctors orders with staying at home. He appreciates all the love and support he got from his fans. However he had to cancel his show in Kentucky to promote his truckfit clothing line but sources say that the rap star will reschedule.

Lil’ Wayne is working on his new album, I am Not A Human Being II, which is schedule to release in December. It doesn’t look like being hospitalized will slow Lil’ Wayne down. The rapper has been working with Kanye West, David Banner, and Juicy J he has mentioned that West has a big hand in the album.

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Kanye West’s $1000 Sneakers Sold Out

The $1000 Kanye West sneakers shoes the new “Air Yezzy” have sold out, Detroiter Nik White has his answer. He got in line at downtown Royal Oak’s Burn Rubber Shoe Boutique Tuesday for the shoes that went on sale Saturday.

The popular sneaker is now sold out. I am not a Kanye West fan but his shoes look good. A little expensive for my taste but its Kanye West what do you expect.

There was so much anticipation about the Nike shoes that a pair reportedly pre-sold on eBay for $90,300. The rapper designed footwear features a distinctive spike at the back and glow-in-the-dark soles. Now that is just crazy talk sold for over 90K that is stupid money.

I wonder if lil’ wayne is going to come out with a shoe soon? We will have to see!