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Dress Preppy Men’s Style East Coast Vacation

How to do the prep style east cost summer. We have all the guide lines you need to pull it off. Follow these and you just might have a east coast summer.

  • Brooks Brothers Two-Button Regent Fit Blazer ($448)
  • Sperry Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe ($95)
  • Rancourt Beefroll Penny Loafers ($295)
  • Vineyard Vines Seafeather Plaid Breaker Pants ($100)
  • Patagonia Men’s Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover ($99)
  • Vineyard Vines American Flags Canvas Club Belt ($50)
  • Brooks Brothers Seersucker Sport Shirt ($80)
  • J. Crew Ludlow Spread-Collar Shirt in Navy Gingham ($88)
  • Saint James Meridian II ($95)
  • Ray Ban Wayfarers ($125)
Now we won’t tell a soul that your summer clothing was all bought online.

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The Fashion Do’s And Don’ts

Everyone loves clothes I mean you have to look good to feel good don’t you? I would say so. But there are somethings about clothing that need to come clean.

  1. Clothes that cost more are better – Not true
  2. Dress for your body type – Even though we would love to tell some people, you should wear it because you like it
  3. No “cool” outfits after a certain age – That is BS!
  4. Men’s clothes are only mean’t for men – I would have to agree, but hoodies are ok! No women would look good in clothing, lets face it. Or maybe so there are so many uni sex clothing now
  5.  Sneakers only belong at the gym or on vacation, so no shoes from or
  6. Everything needs to match – Not True
  7. Colors are seasonal – Not all the time
  8. Certain colors should never be worn together
  9. Never wear socks with open toed shoes that’s a no no
  10. New clothes are good – Yeah they are!

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The Classic Black Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Love me some Ray Bans. I have tons of sunglasses but I never wear them. I usually lose them or my girlfriend steals them.

Like last week I was sitting in the back seat of the car we were in and I look at her face and see that she has my sunglasses on that I have been looking for.

She always tells me I don’t wear sunglasses anymore and I say I never can find them.  I don’t know if I could ever buy a pair of these because someone would take them…

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