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NBA Ink Deal For Jersey Sponsorship’s

The NBA is now in the game of making more money off of sponsorship. In the next few seasons you will see teams wearing logos like, Kia, FCA, BetterMade brand, and Ziploc.

Maybe more. Now everyone in the NBA is going to be a walking billboard. I just wonder if the logos are going to be on the jerseys that sell in the store?

Because all the fans will be walking advertisements and might want a cut for the ad revenue.

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More On Detroit Pistons Trades This Week

Well this is interesting Donatas Motiejunas is headed to the Detroit Pistons. Seems like a good move. Detroit is making some noise with their moves before the deadline.

But the Rockets now have a top first round draft pick, but who cares? Its all about the NBA playoffs for the Pistons. They haven’t been there in years. 

NBA Trades Round UP, Detroit, Houston, and Cavs

Watch out NBA, the The Cavaliers get another piece for a big playoff run. Channing Frye to the Cavs in a 3 player deal.

Wonder how Lebron James likes this and how it will play out for the Cavs playoff run? The Pistons are also making big moves to go strong into the playoffs.
We might see the Pistons make a playoff appearance and how great would that be for Detroit.
The Rockets are making moves and talking to with Harden and Howard the trade deadline is slowly approaching. 

Kevin Love Resigns With Cleveland

So It’s starting for Cleveland. The Cav’s have signed Kevin Love to a 5 year deal worth 110 million. Who knows if that will keep Lebron James in Cleveland.

The Heat are still pushing to have Dwayne Wade stay in Miami. If the Cav’s keep making good moves it might help the case for Lebron James.

But on the radar Love is only one piece of the championship road for Cleveland. Miami better watch their back with Wade.

One more thing with Love signing again with Cleveland don’t you think that Lebron will stay in Cleveland? Who is there to keep Love in Cleveland besides Lebron James.

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Lebron James Is A Free Agent

The great or so they say great Lebron James is a Free agent. Guess who else is a free agent? Dwayne Wade.

This is business they say. Don’t be surprised if Wade comes to Cleveland. That would be a championship team for sure they say.

Kevin Love and D-wade and Lebron James a great powerhouse. But who knows if that will happen but Lebron is up to no good saying that basketball is business to him.

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