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MSU’s Conor Cook Drafted 4th Round By The Oakland Raiders

Michigan States own Conor Cook went ..

In the 4th round ..

To a sucky team in the NFL ..

Oakland  Raiders ..

That shows you how bad the Michigan State Spartans are with their football program.

I think it might need to be beefed up you guys .. or should I say MSU fans ..

You think you have a team that wins ..

But 4th round QB in the NFL ..

We should just call Michigan State the Florida Gators .. Because Conor Cook is going to end up like Tim Tebow.

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Tom Brady’s 4 Game Suspension Reinstated

Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension is reinstated. Its about time that little bag of dirt goes down for something in the NFL.

Its about time the NFL does something right with Tom Brady. 4 Games could crush you come playoff time.

But than again its Brady that we are talking about. And the NFLPA can suck one. Tom Brady is getting what he deserves as a cheating QB.

Enough said..

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Rashean Mathis Of The Detroit Lions Set To Retire

The Detroit Lions have lost a veteran member of their defense to retirement. Its okay, because its not the biggest retirement that the Detroit Lions are facing, Calvin Johnson is.

Yes, the defense needs to be strong but, it don’t matter unless we can score touchdowns. If Calvin retires, no Superbowl for Detroit, maybe ever!
Again Rashean Mathis is set to retire

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Fantasy Football QB For Week 5

This week in Fantasy Football I have a new QB which I am hoping he can get me some points. Sam Bradford is my QB for the week. He is projected 18.7 points or something like that and I need a solid 25 points from him.

Am I going to get it? Probably not but I can hope. But my decison was Nick Foles or Sam Bradford and Sammy is playing at home against the Saints and the running back I have is CJ Spiller so I should be okay.

Nick Foles play Green Bay in Green Bay, even though Nick Foles was a top 5 pick for week 5. The odds are against him in Green Bay. So I am starting Sam Bradford and hope he can rack up the points.

Because my QB, Tannehill is out on BYE Week! But one thing I do have that I forgot to mention is Spiller is starting for me, after his 19 point game Sunday lets hope he can do it again!

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Detroit Lions Taking It All in 2015

The word on the street is that the Detroit Lions will take off this upcoming season. We would be glad to see it happen.

But if your a Lions fan you don’t hold your breathe. We want to see the Lions do well but if that’s not in the cards, life will go on.

Caldwell is a good coach. He might be cookin’ up something for all “us” Lions fans you never know. Best of luck to them.

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Jim Haubough Torn For Michigan And NFL Job

So the question that is on everyone’s mind is what Jim Haubough is going to do? Take the job at Michigan or stay in the NFL.

Jim would be stupid to not take 8 million a year, but if your heart is in the NFL, then stay. But if not come back to Michigan and make a butt load of cash.

Jim will be the highest paid coach in all of sports if he comes to college football. I guess through, Les Miles might be in the mix if Jim doesn’t want the Job.

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