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Detroit Red Wings To Consider Retiring Sergei Fedorov’s Number

Detroit Red Wings are still deciding if they want to retire his number.Not a clue why they have to consider it?

Just retire his number and be done with it. He was one hell of a Red Wing star in Detroit and he brings a lot of history to the Red Wings.

Just let the number retire and move on. He is a large part of the Hockeytown history and the Russian Five.

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Granato, Ferschweiler, Chelios Wings’ Assistant Coaches

Granato, Ferschweiler, Chelios are Wings’ assistant coaches. Do you think they have enough assistants to win the cup next year?

3 assistant coaches is a lot the Red Wings bench is going to be packed next season. But all we care about in Detroit is how many playoff wins can you get us? 
No one cares about the playoff streak we have if you can’t win the cup!

Red Wings Vs Bruins Tonight At The Joe

Hockey is back in Detroit. The Red Wings play against the Boston Bruins tonight at 7:30 at Joe Louis. This year has Red Wings fans we hope the team can make a good run at the cup.

Boston is going to be a battle and lets just hope the Wings can make a statement that they are a team to watch out for this year, we need a champion in Detroit once again because, the Tigers and Lions aren’t doing much.

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Bruins Blackhawks Game 3

Tonight I hope that the Bruins get the Blackhawks a good ass pounding like they deserve. Patrick Kane and go suck some hockey pucks. This game might go into another long hauled night but we will see. At the end of one period its tied 0-0.

Haven’t been following the series to much I do however know that Patrick scored an overtime goal to give Chicago the 1-0 series lead. But the Blackhawks suck.

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Jamie Samuelsen Says The Red Wings Aren’t Bad This Year

Well this is a bold thing to say from Jamie Samuelsen, here is what Jamie had to say.  I guess I will take your word for it Jamie, but the Red Wings have something to prove tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets after getting smack around by the St. Blues. What a season opener that was, it blew harder than cheese and rice.

I hope the Detroit Red Wings don’t blow chunks like they did Saturday, their defense better have a good showing for the sake of Hockey Town. We already have the Detroit Lions that blow worst than a cold shower.

I have a lil’ faith in tonight’s showing on the ice. Like I said I am going to take Jamie’s word for it, Saturday was game 1. If they lose tonight I’m going to hit the showers, remember its only a 48 game season. However, it does suck having to start the hockey season on the road but themes the rules.

I’m kind of excited to see who the Red Wings will pick up before the trade deadline on April 3rd but rumor has it that the wings might be sellers instead of buyers. Ahh dang, I like when Mike Illitch spends money.

If this season is a rebuilding year for the Red Wings which I think it is after losing Nick Lidstrom to retirement. I still have Detroit Tigers Baseball to look forward too. Twenty-one days until pitchers and catcher report. But, we will see if the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets have dingier of a game or not.

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