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Porsche Tower Design

Drive your  new Porsche right into your new private garage, wouldn’t that be nice? The video explains it all. Just hope the elevator don’t break when your in it because you might be sleeping in your Porsche for the night.

You may need to get a car loan to afford a Porsche but watching the video will cost you nothing.

You can schedule a private view of the tower and living spaces.

Tower amenities are:

  • 3-story high lobby with glass car elevator observatory in center of lobby
  • Lobby level restaurant overlooking the ocean with indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Private enclosed wine locker for each unit located within the restaurant.
  • Lobby level Bar and Lounge overlooking the ocean with monumental fireplace and big screen TV’s.
  • 1 oceanfront pool located on first floor landscaped deck with food and beverage service.
  • 2 oversize plunge spas located at the 5th floor west side Sunset Deck overlooking the Intracoastal Waterways.
  • Game room and Ball Room with elevated ceilings, located on 5th floor:
  • Virtual Golf Simulator.
  • 4-car interconnected virtual race simulator.
  • Movie theater with stadium seating, popcorn bar and surround sound.
  • Card table and billiard area.
  • Oceanfront ballroom equipped with Bar and catering kitchen.
Just to name a few, this tower is designed by the same company that designed the Trump Building in Miami.

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