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iPhone X refurbished

Apple Has Refurbished iPhone X

Yes all you Apple lovers you can now get a refurbished iPhone X cheap but not to cheap.

The iPhone X will cost you around $769, while the 256GB X will be $899. Remeber that its refurbished though.

I personally wouldn’t waste my time on the iPhone X but I know someone out there will. See Ya!

YouTube TV credit

YouTube TV is Offering $10 Credit For Outage

YouTube TV is offering a $10 credit for the outage they had for the service. If you have YouTube TV this might be the time to get your credit.


Here is the credit from YouTube page:


You have until the 24th to get your credit. So act fast. I personally love YouTube TV.

wireless gaming keyboards in 2018

Best Gaming Wireless Keyboards 2018

If you’re a gamer you might want to read this post. Here are the hottest keyboards out right now.


Now if you’re a serious gamer you will know what I am talking about.


  1. Razor Blackwidow Chroma V2 – $150
  2. Logitech G PRO – $109
  3. Blackwidow X tournament edition chroma – $105
  4. Corsair compact K63 – $80
  5. Cooler Master Masterkey PRO M RBG – $95


All of these keyboards are wireless.

setting up an ecommerce site

How To Launch An eCommerce Website

You want to know an easy way to launch an eCommerce website?  Read More

Netflix TV shoes to watch

What to watch on Netflix every Saturday

Netflix TV shoes to watch

So I am on a Netflix kick. Well every Saturday I usually watch that or baseball and since the Tigers suck there in last place. Read More

new seasons of grey's anatomy on Netflix

The Pitfalls of Watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix

new seasons of grey's anatomy on Netflix

Over the last week since i have had nothing to watch on Netflix. I have been stuck having to watch grey’s anatomy seasons on Netflix. Read More

Why Binge Watch The Ranch on Netflix sucks

the ranch on Netflix

Recently I have been watching the ranch on I finished watching it last week I think. Read More

Netflix Subscriber Problems

streaming netflixNow i am a subscriber of Netflix but they aren’t worth the hike that i was told via email that service was now going to be $10 a month. Now Netflix is bitching that they have hit a wall. Maybe if there weren’t so many other movie and TV sources and you had good things to watch. Not hating on the trailer park boys or any TV show I watch but the movies suck. Read More

Netflix Needs More Movie Selection

Is anyone else getting bored of the titles on Netflix like I am? There is never anything new that I would like to see.

Thank god for Trailer Park Boys I love watching the episodes. But Netflix needs better selection and fast.

I do know they listen to the request we has watchers recommend. I need more of a selection of movies not so much TV Shows.

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The Town Hall — Clash O’ Clans

So if you play this game or not there is a website that is worth checking out and signing up for its

Been seeing a lot of advertising for it and a lot of people are playing it on their smartphones. If you play you might be able to get good insight for the game and meet some new friends.

Just remember to be polite to gamers on the site.

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