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iPhone X refurbished

Apple Has Refurbished iPhone X

Yes all you Apple lovers you can now get a refurbished iPhone X cheap but not to cheap.

The iPhone X will cost you around $769, while the 256GB X will be $899. Remeber that its refurbished though.

I personally wouldn’t waste my time on the iPhone X but I know someone out there will. See Ya!

iPhone Coming To T-mobile Retail Stores

The wait is over T-mobile customers, T-mobile has filled the gap with agreeing with Apple to carry the iPhone in 2013. Its been half a decade but they have done it. T-mobile will be carrying the new iPhone.

The fourth-largest mobile carrier in America is partnering with Apple after going over half a decade without America’s most popular smartphone, the company announced Thursday morning.

T-mobile has yet to tell what products they will carry but most likely it will be the iPad and iPhone for sure.

The reason why it took so long for T-mobile to jump on with other cell phone carriers for the iPhone was because Apple’s price for the iPhone was just too high for T-mobile to justify having.
T-mobile is also going to try and spread out their 4G LTE network before the launch of the iPhone, Ideally that is their next goal after having the iPhone in their retail stores. 

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Samsung Galaxy III Beats Out iPhone In Q3

Galaxy III

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 overtook Apple’s iPhone 4S in the third quarter to give the South Korean firm the world’s best-selling smartphone model for the first time ever, a research firm said Thursday.

The survey from Strategy Analytics came, however, as Apple was launching the iPhone 5. Sales from both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 combined were higher than those of the flagship Samsung smartphone.

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Apple Has Sold $50 Billion Worth of iPhones in U.S.


Since its release in June 2007, people in the U.S. have bought 85 million iPhones — almost one iPhone for every third person in the country, according to the most recent census data. Those sales have generated a total $50 billion in revenue for Apple.

The year that saw the most growth in U.S. iPhone sales was actually 2011, when sales jumped to 32.4 million units over 14.123 million in 2010. The reasons for the spike are fairly clear: 2011 was the year Apple finally brought the iPhone to carriers besides AT&T in the U.S., plus it waited an extra four months beyond its usual launch date for that year’s model, the iPhone 4S, leading to unprecedented sales numbers when it finally debuted.

The Samsung numbers don’t go back as far as Apple’s, but they show Samsung sold a total of 21.3 million phones between June 2010 and June 2012, generating $7.5 billion in revenue. In that same period, Apple sold 60.1 million iPhones for $36.7 billion.

Android Was in 68.1% of Smartphones Shipped in Q2

What is about to be shared is amazing and it needs to be shared beyond this. Overall, the two platforms accounted for 85% of the smartphone market during Q2. BlackBerry and Symbian hit 4.8% and 4.4%, respectively. Last year at this time, another researcher, Canalys, pegged Android’s global market share at 48%.

Apple’s growth for the quarter was still in the double digits, but demand for iPhones has faltered since Apple is widely expected to introduce a new iPhone in September. Apple itself has noted the slackened demand, which weighed on the company’s fiscal third-quarter results.