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gadgets you will want in 2019

Gadget You Will Want in 2019

We all need gadgets in our lives right? Well here are some that you might be missing out on.

  1. Fixd – its vehicle diagnostics with out the mechanic. It syncs with your phone. Regardless of you having a new or used car.
  2. Keysmart – it keeps all your keys nice and neat. It’s a Swiss arm knife for your keys and it holds up to 14 keys.
  3. Photostick – it backsup your videos and photos. It’s a thumb drive that looks for photos and videos.
  4. VIZR – this gadget gives you heads up directions when you’re behind the steering wheel. It just has to sit on the dash of your vehicle.
  5. Dodow – trains your brain to sleep.
  6. Peeps – its NASA approve cleaner for eyewear.
  7. Xtra – PC – it makes your old computer fast again.
KFC cheetos chicken sandwich

KFC Cheetos Sandwich

Now this may look nasty to some of you and that’s okay it doesn’t look the best to me either. Its KFC’s new sandwich that’s right now in three states. North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. Orginal post on Mashable.