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alarm clock for Christmas

Why You Need an Alarm Clock This Christmas

An alarm clock is the must have you need this Christmas. You don’t need to be looking at your Instagram feed before bed. Put your phone on the wireless changer and get some ZZZ’s.  Read More

Black friday or cyber monday christmas list

3 Items You May Want on Your Christmas List for Black Friday or Cyber Monday

There are few things you might want to splurge on for black Friday and or Cyber Monday. Not that I’m a huge fan of Black Friday.  Read More

Outerwear before a winter coat this Christmas

6 Brands To Look at Before Buying a Winter Coat This Christmas

Everyone that lives in the Midwest needs a winter coat that’s a given. People, friends or family may put a winter coat on their Christmas list.  Read More

Christmas gifts for the girlfriend

Gifts Your Girlfriend or Wife Really Wants This Christmas

With Christmas around the corner here are some awesome Christmas gifts your girlfriend/ or wife may want to get you this year. Or these can be things that your girlfriend wants this year. My wife wants coach purse or a Kate Spade purse. So you might be lucky with this list. Read More

Clemson Battle Tested Against Florida State

It looks like Clemson #2 in the nation is being battle tested vs Florida State with the score 0-0 after the end of the first. But just a few seconds ago Clemson did this…

purdue vs msu

Purdue vs Michigan State Prediction

Most everyone has Purdue beating MSU this weekend. No surprise as Purdue has come in with a large upset win over Ohio State.


I say that Purdue will win 28-14. I think MSU will keep it close but not close enough for the W.


MSU just isn’t the team you thought they were going to be. MSU doesn’t have a run game and the best thing about MSU is Brian Lewerke right now.


So Purdue on Saturday.

getting rid of expenses

Expenses You Need To Get Rid Of

We all waste money but if you could save a little bit that would be fine too.

How to save on a few things

Here are a few things you can save money on if you just get rid of them.

1. Why spend money on cable. There are so many other cheap options like Youtube TV or Hulu. I personally have YouTube TV.
2. Water just gets a water bottle you like and get rid of the plastic water bottles.
3. Haircuts if you can. My wife is a hairstylist so mine is always free.
4. Dryer sheets you can use dryer balls with essential oils there much better.
5. Groceries just make a list and stick to it. Plan your meals and stick to the meals.
6. Cut out junk food it’s not good for you.
7. Using fabric softener you can use the dryer balls and I know you can get them off

Any savings is good savings if you can do it. Cable was hard for the most part but with YouTube TV being $40 it was worth a shot.

red wings hockey

Red Wings Curly Fry Promotion with Arbys

You know every year that Arbys gets into the sports spirit with offering curly fries for home runs (Tigers) and goals for the Red Wings right?


Well, the Red Wings are so bad this year that Arbys is basically giving away curly fries and its bad all the Red Wings have to do is score three goals as a team.


Now come on we suck that bad that we’re not scoring goals?? Come on right!


Well, good luck getting your curly fries!



travel bag

Luxury Travel Kits

When you travel staying groomed is part of the everyday adventure right? We have a break down of some great luxury grooming products.


You can get the Koln Travel Kit that has some high-quality products. Like:


  1. Youthful Male
  2. Mophie wireless charger
  3. Bloomtown
  4. Beard wash
  5. Beard softener
  6. Beard Balm
  7. Boy by Chanel


The travel kit will be available Oct. 26th and will cost $540.

thin crust pizza

Little Caesars Has Thin Crust Pizza For $6 (Limited Time)

Little Caesars has their thin crust pizza for a limited time at $6. Get yourself a slice. I don’t know if it’s better than the Hot-N-Ready they have or not.