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How To Keep Pest Out of Your Bedroom

Everyone loves to jump into bed after a long day. You may like to cozy up to a fluffy blanket and a nice pillow but you may not be alone with that idea. You could be making it a paradise on your bed for mice and other pests.

How to remove pests from your bedroom

You will want to remove the bed skirt if you have one. No one really uses one now but on the off chance, you may be inviting pests into your bedroom.

Pests such as mice climb on almost anything they can use blankets and bed skirts as a ladder to get up to your bed or just about anything in the bedroom.

pest control in the bedroom

Take care of Pests in Your House

Local pest control experts in your area.

Curtains can be risky for pests too. Long curtains can be easy access for pests. You don’t want to make any dark areas in your room that can make the pests out of view and make them have a comfortable home for a while.

Making your bed a certain way may help with having pests in your bed. Yes, you may have a bed skirt but not letting it touch the ground will help. Plus tucking your sheets and comforter will limit the access for pests. This also goes for your curtains you want at least to have the curtains off the ground afoot. Mice and other pests like to jump.

Use mint scented sprays

If you use sprays in your bedroom you will want to use natural scents as they can keep the pests away. Minty scents are best to use in the bedroom as a spray. Rodents don’t like the scent and usually stay away. You can use eucalyptus oil too. Rodents also will probably eat less food in the area that these scents are sprayed.

Connect with a nearby pest control contractor

You can connect with a local pest control company to take care of your mice or other rodents you may have. Call us at 877-381-5347.

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Eco-Friendly Methods For Pest Control

When dealing with pest control it can get frustrating but if you know what to do it can relieve some stress. If you have an issue with pests you can follow these four methods that are eco-friendly and can solve your issue.

eco friendly pest control

If You have a Pest Problem?

The eco-friendly way to take care of those pests

  1. Plant some herbs – most common pests for a household aren’t fond of herbs. Such as basil, lavender, and mint. You can plant these herbs in your garden or close to dos and windows to keep the pests from having any interest in your home.
  2. The entry points for pests are around gaps in doors and windows. You will want to spice the windows up or the gaps. Just sprinkle a little pepper or cinnamon even on the windowsill the pest won’t want anything to do with those scents.
  3. Start cleaning with vinegar and water – this will take care of the sent that most pests follow home and they will get confused and maybe move elsewhere. Clean and spraying the area should do the trick.
  4. Make use of your food waste – you can chop up peels and use them in your garden. You can also use the food waste as a trapping tool so you can be better prepared for other pests.

Side note: used coffee grounds are good for scaring off pests. So after downing a cup or two you can take on the morning pests with coffee. You can place the coffee grounds wherever the issue may be.

You may have to call on a pest control professional

Pests are nothing to mess with and at times you may need to have a pest control professional take care of the big issues. Pest control pros are trained and licensed and insured to help with any pest problem you have.

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Make Your Property Pest Free

There are a lot of scary things in the world and dealing with pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches, and other insects can be the multiple things you deal with.

Pests are just a pain in the neck and can get worse if you don’t know how to fight them correctly.

Today, we are going to discuss how to make your home pest-free so let’s get started.

  • Seal any cracks or holesBasement cracks or holes are important because even though your basement can be cold is warmer then the elements outside for a rodent. You want to block off any points of entry for a rodent. Wood paneling works good to block any big holes or gaps. You want to clean under your kitchen sink where pipes and other gaps may be.
  • Invest in air brick covers and vent covers – Pests and other animals use these holes in bricks and vents to enter the home so if you have them tightly covered you will have no problems. If you can’t find covers you can pick up mesh metal covers at Home Depot. You can also look at installing grills which will get the job done to.
  • Do a little yard maintenance – Cleaning up debris and loose rocks can take away hiding spots for pests. Make sure you do pruning maintenance on over grown trees as pest can use them as entry to you home. Install mesh fencing to keep the animals out.
  • You can use a local pest control company to help you set up your yard to be pest free this year. A expert pest control professional knows that to look for with rodents and can proof your yard and house this year.

Pest control companies can give advice and other suggestions to keep your property safe from pests for years. Controlling a pest problem is ensuring safety around your home.

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Call A Pest Control Expert Now

Have a pest problem? Safely protect your property from pests all year round.

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5 Ways to Manage Pest Control Issues

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Pest Control Professionals Near Me

pest control nearby

You want to manage your pest control issues better here are a few tips to achieve that we know dealing with pests can be annoying at any time of the year. You don’t want an infestation in your home or building.

What you can do to take care of pests around your home

  • You will want to have regular inspections if you have dead or live rodents it can be a sign of a larger issue. Urine stains or nests are another sign and everything going in and out of the home or building should be checked.
  • Removing food sources can help the problem. Rodents like easy to get to food for survival. Do not store food for long periods of time. Regular lawn maintenance is a must to keep rodents out – this can help them build nests if your yard is overgrown.
  • Block of areas of the home that rodents like to live or hide like staircases, shelves, and lockers.
  • You want to make sure your home is tightly maintained from rodents all the door gaps are repaired. Window screens are repaired and there are no cracks or holes in the walls. If there are you want a handyman to come and do the repairs. Eliminate all entry ways for pests.
  • You will want to work with a licensed pest control professional they have the training to put a plan into place to reduce food sources and water for the pests plus the shelter which will decrease rodents in the area.
  • We take care rodents such as mice, insects, roaches, ants, spiders, earwigs, and bed bugs.

Pests can be dangerous and you want to take care of the problems you may be facing as soon as possible. If pest control is of high importance in your home or building please reach out to a nearby pest control professional.