Detroit Lions Have To Win Remaining Games To Qualify For Playoffs

Randall Cobb - Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers Win Over Detroit Lions
With the lost today the Detroit Lions had against the Green Bay Packers it looks like they will need to win the remaining 6 games they have to qualify for the playoffs.
You would have thought the Lions would have won today with their first half lead against the Packers.
You would have thought Matthew Stafford would do what he does best and lead the 4th quarter drive but the Lions had a crappy last ditch drive that went nowhere. And with the Packer kicker missing 3 field goals you would think they had a shot. But now they have to dig themselves out of a large whole to make the playoffs.

The Lions have their annual quick turn for the Thanksgiving Day game, in which they’ll host the Houston Texans. The Packers will play at the New York Giants in prime time next Sunday night.
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