Top Beers To Try in A Liftime

There has never been a better time to be a beer drinker. But don’t let any one confuse you there are a lot of beers out there that you need to try that you probably never heard of.

Here is a list of beers you need to try. We won’t go through the whole list but know that there is 101 beers on this list.

  1. California: Sculpin IPA
  2. California: Pivo Hoppy Pils
  3. Colorado: Odell IPA
  4. Colorado: La Folie
  5. Washington: Cowiche Canyon Organic Fresh Hop Ale
  6. Washington: Topcutter IPA
  7. Oregon: Adam
  8. Michigan: Kentucky breakfast Stout
  9. Michigan: Hopslam Ale
  10. New York: Simple Sour
  11. Pennsylvania: Nugget Nectar
  12. Illinois: Daisy Cutter
  13. Ohio: Hunter IPA
  14. Minnesota: Coffee Brewer
  15. Arizona: Coconut Joe
  16. Montana: Cold Smoke
  17. Georgia: White BlackBird
  18. Nebraska: Oatmeal Porter
  19. Hawaii: Big Wave Golden Ale
  20. Mississippi: Mississippi Fire Ant
Now just before your last summer pow wow or BBQ. You can now have a huge selection of Beer on tap. 

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