Home Maintenace You Can Do in the Fall in Ohio

Home maintenance can be a bummer and a blessing. A bummer that you have to fix the things around the house and a blessing that your fixing the “must fix” items around the house.

fall home maintenance in Ohio

There is a checklist of home repairs you may want to fix up in your house this fall before the winter cold ruins your beautiful time outside. Remember that will fall now upon us the days are going to get shorter.

Home maintenance to-do list this fall

Ceil fan cleaning

Cleaning fans need to be cleaned – get that dust off your fans before it falls into the carpets and you get sick. This is also the time to switch up the blades so that the hot air is evenly distributed in the home.

Furnace maintenance

You want to prep your furnace for a winter – may want to get a yearly check-up on your furnace to make sure it’s in working condition. You will want to have a licensed professional inspect your furnace just in case of those cold snaps this winter. You don’t want any surprise with it being cold in your house.

Gutter cleaning

Fall time means gutter cleaning time – not cleaning out your gutters can mean problems for the winter. If the gutters aren’t free-flowing with water they can dam up and freeze. Dirty gutters can cause water damage and roof damage. Don’t forget to clean out the leaves too.

Door and window sealing

Seal all doors and windows drafts can cause higher heating bills – also look at caulking windows and weather-stripping doors it can help keep the cold air out. You should do both interior and exterior windows and doors.

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Clean out sprinkler systems

Take care of your irrigation systems – drain all water from the lines so you don’t have any issues in the spring. That means garden hoses and outside sprinklers you don’t want any water damage. Because of the cold weather water will freeze and may cause more spring repairs.

Maintenance on the mower

Do maintenance on your mower – use a stabilizer to the fuel tank or you can empty the fuel tank after your last grass cutting. You don’t want any damages to your lawnmower as it sits for a long winter season. Not to mention this is the time to get your snowblower ready for the season make sure your snowblower has gas and fresh oil and will start on a dime.

Sweep your chimney

If you’re going to use your fireplace this winter you want to make sure it’s in working condition you can do this by hiring a chimney sweep company and having them inspect it for signs of damage and clean it. Dirty chimneys are the number one reason for house fires in the winter.

Connect with a local contractor

Fall time is to get your home in condition to deal with the winter cold months so take some time looking around your house inspecting things that need fixing or replacing.

You can hire a handyman near you in areas of Ohio and Michigan there are no projects we can’t handle.

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