Five Home Projects You Need to Hire a Pro For

Five projects you should always hire a pro for. Just to be on the safe side of a repair.

Home projects that may need a handyman

  • Cleaning your HVAC unit – over time your outdoor HVAC unit can collect dirt. And hosing it off may seem like your cleaning it but really you’re just pushing the debris further down in the unit. It is encouraged by HVAC professionals to have it professionally maintained because one false move and you can have malfunctions happen to your unit. Calling a HVAC pro to come and remove the top and spray down your coils so they don’t get damaged will be your best bet.
  • Replacing your shower valve – If your shower is dripping after you shut it off you may need to replace the valve. It’s the piece that connects the hot water and cold water lines. It’s not recommended to replace as a homeowner because they can break easily and that can mean you would have to shut off your water for days until a plumber can come out and do the repair for you.
  • Installing pipes in the house – this can go horribly wrong if you install the wrong type of piping. Most homeowners connect the wrong types of piping together and overtime you will still have to hire a plumber to fix them.
  • Mold removal should be done professionally – mold is harmful if you ingest it. It’s best to hire a professional that can remove the mold safely and properly. Mold is usually rooted deep behind the walls. When you’re cleaning the walls and trying to remove the mold you’re usually just removing it from the surface and not the root cause.
  • Electrical work – changing light fixtures is one thing but once you get into more complicated electrical like wiring or circuit boards you should hire a professional it can get pretty risky. You don’t want to be creating any house fires or injuries.
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Connect with a neighborhood handyman

If you need help finding a local handyman or contractor in your neighborhood we have a contractor available.

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Got Home Projects? Hire a Local Handyman

For any kind of home project you may have you can hire an available handyman in your neighborhood.

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