Home Projects to Tackle This Spring

Whispering upon us it is time to deep clean your home. As you are cleaning your windows don’t forget to neglect the interior and exterior of your home. Do you want your home to get in ship shape form for the warmer weather?

Do you want to take on the task of looking at your air conditioner unit making sure that that that peak performance such as cleaning your filters? It might be best I have an AC professional come out and inspect your AC unit together. And inspection is usually around $200 maximum but it’s worth the chance that anything is wrong.

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Don’t forget your air duct cleaning

When you’re cleaning your AC don’t forget your air ducks because it is vital to breathe clean air and you don’t know what is in your vents throughout the winter.

Check your sidewalks and driveways

You wanna make sure that your sidewalks and driveways are not buckling with the winter weather can be harsh on those areas you just wanna keep an eye so that your driveway isn’t thinking your sidewalks aren’t thinking minor fixes are pretty cheap but if you have to have a professional it can get very costly.

You want to prepare your yard

Do a visual inspection of your backyard cleanup any fallen leftover leaves. You can turn the water Spickets back on. Test him for leaks and damages you may also want to turn on and check your sprinkler system to make sure that that’s working correctly.

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Take this time to reseed your lawn. You can lay fresh mulch in your flowerbeds. Also, do yearly maintenance on your lawn more to make sure the beds function as they should.

Take care of your gutters

Do you want to inspect your gutters and clean them out as need be? Your gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year. Cleaning your gutters is something that you could do yourself and you basically want to make sure that they are clean so that you’re not dealing with any water damage or roof leaks.

Take a look at your roof

While you’re cleaning your gutters it’s not a bad idea to look at your roof. Locate any damage for missing shingles, wrapping, Peeling, and roof rot. If you have skylights you may want to check out the area around them to make sure that you have no leaks.

Check out your deck

Do you want to inspect it for loose nails loose boards Cracked or warped wood? If your back is in fairly good shape but still would need a good spring cleaning. It’s not a bad idea to hose your deck down and then Use warm water and solution to wash it from the winter film that may be still around your deck. You can broom and scrub your deck and then let it dry for a couple of days and then you can stain and seal your deck for the season.

Hose down your house

Essentially you’re giving your house a bath to clean it from any of the winter elements such as salt, dirt grime, and any other elements. Power washing it will be best you can either get a power washer and wash it yourself or hire a local power washer specialist in your neighborhood. Giving your house a bath essentially also protects your siding from any damage from harsh elements.

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After washing down the exterior of your house you can also see if there are any areas of the exterior of your house that needs a paint job.

You should check to see if all of your smart devices are working properly change the batteries in smoke detectors carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure that all the flashlights in your house also have batteries just in case you need them.

If you need a local home repair contractor in your area call today to schedule a visit.

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