Eco-Friendly Methods For Pest Control

When dealing with pest control it can get frustrating but if you know what to do it can relieve some stress. If you have an issue with pests you can follow these four methods that are eco-friendly and can solve your issue.

eco friendly pest control

If You have a Pest Problem?

The eco-friendly way to take care of those pests

  1. Plant some herbs – most common pests for a household aren’t fond of herbs. Such as basil, lavender, and mint. You can plant these herbs in your garden or close to dos and windows to keep the pests from having any interest in your home.
  2. The entry points for pests are around gaps in doors and windows. You will want to spice the windows up or the gaps. Just sprinkle a little pepper or cinnamon even on the windowsill the pest won’t want anything to do with those scents.
  3. Start cleaning with vinegar and water – this will take care of the sent that most pests follow home and they will get confused and maybe move elsewhere. Clean and spraying the area should do the trick.
  4. Make use of your food waste – you can chop up peels and use them in your garden. You can also use the food waste as a trapping tool so you can be better prepared for other pests.

Side note: used coffee grounds are good for scaring off pests. So after downing a cup or two you can take on the morning pests with coffee. You can place the coffee grounds wherever the issue may be.

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You may have to call on a pest control professional

Pests are nothing to mess with and at times you may need to have a pest control professional take care of the big issues. Pest control pros are trained and licensed and insured to help with any pest problem you have.

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