Five Rodents You Want To Keep Out of Your Home

When the weather cools down some pests try and get in your home to seek warmth and food. Most homeowners report seeing roaches, mice, and rats somewhere in their homes. We can offer up some tips to keep the critters at bay during the winter months to keep your home safe and healthy.

There are pests that homeowners in Michigan need to watch out for that may try and invade your home.

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Take out mice in your house

Mice are on the list of critters that will try and stay warm and doing that they may invade your home. Mice are the most common rodent found in your home or property. Mice like to stay in dark areas like your basement or attic. They can cause serious property damage by chewing through walls and wires. Mice are known to spread tapeworms.

The trick to keeping mice away in Michigan you can seal cracks on the outside of your home with caulk and steel wool. Keep boxes off the floor as mice like to hide in boxes on the floor. You want to inspect your home regularly for mice droppings and chewed through walls. Mice like to steal and hide food.

Take care of rats in your house

Rats also find shelter in your house most of the time in your basement or piles of debris. Rats will chew through a ton of things like pipes and plastic to get food and water. They can create major damages to a house. You can get a number of diseases from them if you are bit by one.

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To keep the rat’s away make sure your gaps and cracks are sealed. You want to limit the moisture in your basement or crawlspace. Again, inspect your home for signs of rats by rub marks.

Keep cockroaches out of your house

You could have an infestation of cockroaches they like to hide in small spaces close to food. They are found in most areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. They can cause asthma symptoms in children. They are also known to carry bacteria and allergens.

 To keep cockroaches away you need to keep all floors clean, vacuum frequently, and dispose of garbage in a timely fashion. You will want to monitor your kitchen and bathroom area regularly. Inspect especially under appliances and your sink.

Keep spiders out of your house

Next up you want to watch out for spiders. To find spiders you want to look in closets, attics, crawlspaces, and basements as they like to make spider webs. Spiders can bite you so that is why they are dangerous to people.

To keep spiders away you will want to try and keep trees and shrubs away from your house because to our surprise spiders can still find a way inside your house. Store your items like shoes in plastic containers and secure all items you may be able to find spiders in. If you are bitten by a spider connect to an emergency doctor right away.

Protect your home from Raccoons

Raccoons can be a rodent no one wants to be bothered by they get into your trash and make a mess of your home and property. They are known to enter the house via chimneys and attics and are known for carrying rabies

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Secure your trash cans inside your garage to keep the raccoons out if you have to store the trash can outside make sure you have a seal-proof lid. Inspect around your homes like loose roof shingles or roof vent covers. Also, to keep these rodents out you want to install a mesh covering or cap on your chimney. Exposing openings in any gaps is inviting rodents to come to stay in your house.

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