How To Keep Pest Out of Your Bedroom

Everyone loves to jump into bed after a long day. You may like to cozy up to a fluffy blanket and a nice pillow but you may not be alone with that idea. You could be making it a paradise on your bed for mice and other pests.

How to remove pests from your bedroom

You will want to remove the bed skirt if you have one. No one really uses one now but on the off chance, you may be inviting pests into your bedroom.

Pests such as mice climb on almost anything they can use blankets and bed skirts as a ladder to get up to your bed or just about anything in the bedroom.

pest control in the bedroom

Take care of Pests in Your House

Local pest control experts in your area.

Curtains can be risky for pests too. Long curtains can be easy access for pests. You don’t want to make any dark areas in your room that can make the pests out of view and make them have a comfortable home for a while.

Making your bed a certain way may help with having pests in your bed. Yes, you may have a bed skirt but not letting it touch the ground will help. Plus tucking your sheets and comforter will limit the access for pests. This also goes for your curtains you want at least to have the curtains off the ground afoot. Mice and other pests like to jump.

Use mint scented sprays

If you use sprays in your bedroom you will want to use natural scents as they can keep the pests away. Minty scents are best to use in the bedroom as a spray. Rodents don’t like the scent and usually stay away. You can use eucalyptus oil too. Rodents also will probably eat less food in the area that these scents are sprayed.

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Connect with a nearby pest control contractor

You can connect with a local pest control company to take care of your mice or other rodents you may have. Call us at 877-381-5347.

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