Tips and Tricks For Termite Season

Most people think of spring season being allergy season but spring also can bring termites which if not taken care of can cost you thousands of dollars.

How much termite damage can cost

Termite pest control

Termites on average can cost you $6,000-$8,000 in damage that’s only if you catch them early enough.

As a homeowner you need to be prepared for termite damage if it happens in your home because you don’t want to have a $10,000 bill that the insurance companies might not be able to cover.

Spring termites

Termites are extremely proactive in the spring time and that means that as a homeowner you should be to protect your home.

Where termites are a large problem is in the south and there are tongues of colonies of termites but you just have to figure out how to protect your home with the right pest control company.

Several things to look out for with termites

There are several things to look out for and there are several ways to keep termites out of your home no matter where you live.

Remove any word to ground contact and Anything that has moisture around your house or around the outside of your house like your air conditioner. It might be worth it to have your crawlspace inspected also.

If you find termites around your home

If you are finding that termites are eating through your walls you may want to contact a local professional pest control service in Michigan. Most pest control companies do a free termite inspection.

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Pest control can help save you the stress and money from major damages that can cost you a fortune and no one wants that for their home.

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