Most Expensive Home Repairs To Save For

Home repairs can get expensive from lawn care to cleaning windows and mopped flooring or in general new flooring, it can be pricey. Home repairs need to happen over time no matter how good the curb appeal is.

With repairs and replacement being expensive a giant savings account might be in order. But what major expenses should you save for with your home?

The list of expensive home repairs

Roofs – to plan for this one you will need to save over time. Roofing can get pricey if you’re looking at replacing a roof the cost will be anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. As roofs get older the shingles start to move with weather and that’s how you can get roof leaks and water damages.

Water heaters – with a cold shower in the cold months it’s not going to be friendly for anyone.  You don’t want to be on borrowed time a water heater should be replaced every 10 years or so. Most homeowners just wait till the water heater fails but that’s not a good idea because you could be dealing with water damage down the line.

A deck – a damaged deck can be a safety hazard. Don’t neglect the deck you could be spending a lot of money on repairs. You should maintain your deck and have it inspected by a professional every year. Rotten boards or nails can cause damage and repairs can be costly if you wait too long.

HVAC – the maintenance needs to be checked up on every year you want to make sure that the AC/furnace will turn on when you need it. If not, it can be a costly bill for homeowners. An HVAC system can usually last about 15 years but that’s if you do annual maintenance. The cost can start in the thousands but if you have both replaced at the same time HVAC installers can discount the units.

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Mold – this is serious work and if you wait it can be more costly. It’s hard to price this out because you have to see how much mold has grown. Mold isn’t always the easiest to spot and that’s why you may need to have a professional but your look at $2,000 to $3,000 for mold damage repair.

Septic tank and field repairs – your septic isn’t a large thought unless you’re having issues in your yard. Yes, repairs can be pricey. Over time you may have your septic tank fail because it needs to be pumped and inspected for damages. You may also need septic lines replaced.  If you’re on a property with septic keep an eye on the septic field and store some cash.

Foundation repairs are important to keep an eye on – they can create more damages to your home. More like water damages. The signs can be foundation cracks or sloping windows, or wall gaps. If you’re seeing uneven flooring too you will want to call for an inspection of your foundation.

Painting your house can keep the value of your home – the exterior may need a coat to keep the curb appeal. Painting your home can be an out-of-blue expense but you need to start saving now to afford it. The cost depends on the size of the home and how many stories you may have or want to be painted. Two stories are going to cost more.

Window replacement – can cost you but the good thing is that they last about 20 to 30 years if you get a good window. Over time windows can get damaged and not work properly. If that’s the case you may be looking at about $1,000 a window. Consult with a window expert to see what you need.

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Plumbing issues can pop up at a moment’s notice – like clogged toilets or drains it’s important for your plumbing system to be at the top of your home priority list or you can be standing in water. Some plumbing issues will have to be done by a professional plumber. It’s vital to get your drains cleaned out yearly to avoid clogs. Drain clogs are the most common reason homeowners call for a plumber. Plumbing prices do vary a lot and most plumbers have to come out and see what the issues are.

Connect with a nearby contractor for home repairs

No matter what home maintenance is important for a healthy home. For the most expensive home repairs, you want to save now.

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