Air Duct Cleaning in Missoula Montana

With the summer heat on its way out in Missoula, Montana people will be using their furnaces and fireplaces more.

Before you throw on the furnace or turn that fireplace heat on do you know when the last time you had your air ducts clean was? There are a lot of materials we don’t even know that collect in our air ducts that can be dangerous over time.

air duct cleaning

At times if you smell burning it might be the hair that is in the vents and that can mean maintenance. You should have the ducts cleaned out if that’s the case.

How often should you have your air ducts cleaned?

You should have your air ducts cleaned out twice a year just to be on the safe side. Air ducting cleaning can be cheap at times the average cost starts out at $450.

It is best to have your air ducts cleaned before winter plus you want to beat the winter rush. Usually, as air duct cleaning picks up in Missoula Montana you could be waiting around for about a month.

Don’t forget the dryer vent

Don’t forget to clean out your dryer vent too that vent gets clogged and you can have a mess on your hands. You want to avoid having a house fire this winter so it’s encouraged to have your vents cleaned.

We have air duct cleaning contractors all over Missoula to help maintain your home and you can get scheduled with a local air duct cleaner.

Lint and dust can cause a lot more damage to a living space than you know so we want you to try and keep the ducts as clean as possible. Also, make sure your venting is clear of the brush to avoid dangerous clogs. Maintenance is a must for proper ventilation throughout the house.

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