Home Renovations On A Budget

Upgrading your home means saving a little for large and small projects. There are opportunities to renovate your home on a budget if you are low on cash.

Thinking of Renovating Your Home?

Get the professional help you need from plumbing to deck building or bathroom remodels.

Upgrading your kitchen doesn’t have to cost $25,000. You just have to find cheaper alternatives like bamboo flooring or make minor upgrades to painting cabinets. These are just a few thoughts on reining in the kitchen reno budget.

Renovating your home on a budget

Installing a programmable thermostat can help cut down on your energy and gas bill and they only cost about $100-$200 we are talking about a wifi-enable thermostat. It helps regulate your home’s temperature throughout the day. Most homeowners like a solid investment.

Finish your basement but not with a bathroom the cost is around $18,000 if you don’t add in a bathroom and are only trying to make it a more livable space. It is one of the to-do list items for every homeowner that has a basement.

How to upgrade your bathroom

one day bathroom remodel

A bathroom remodel can go a long way and is a great investment for any family size. Remodel can just mean new plumbing and electrical work but what we want you to consider is smaller renovations such as painting cabinets, new lighting, and maybe other minor fixes.

One way to spruce up your home is to start with window treatments installing new blinds can be a plus. Custom window treatments make your living room look new and won’t upset your bank account.

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You may want a home office

If your bedroom closet is scattered clothing all over it might be time to investigate the cost of a built-in closet. They can be a cheap alternative to the clutter you may be looking at now. The starting cost is around $500 depending on what you’re looking for.

Turning your spare bedroom into a workspace can make your day more productive as many companies are allowing for remote jobs or work from home jobs now. Redoing a bedroom comes down to what you want in a home office.

Adding a deck to your home

You can move to the outdoor space by adding on a deck if you have the backyard space it’s cheap to get a small entertaining deck eight-by-eight decks are affordable and you can always look at affordable and durable boards for your decking.

Keep in mind when doing home renovations

When you’re doing upgrades to your house remember to stick to the budget you planned out and shop around for material prices and if you can take on the responsibility of the job yourself go for it.

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