Never Consider Buying These Cars

Never buy a Jag

Never Consider Buying These Cars

So you’re in the market for a car the problem is you don’t know what cars you should invest your time into and what cars not to invest your time into.

Break down of cars you shouldn’t waste your time buying

One thing to do is follow what you know. I got a break down of rules for the cars you look at.


  • You don’t want to look at buying any Chinese cars. Not worth it.



  • You want to stay away from any Nissan products really or any car that has over 60,000 miles on it. Unless you can find a cheap used car don’t waste your time.



  • If you want BMW’s, Audi, or Mercedes don’t buy it unless you can get a warranty on it or the car dealership offers a warranty on it. They are expensive to work on because the parts are expensive and they aren’t maintenance-friendly.



  • GM and Chrysler vehicles shouldn’t even be on your radar. Why? The quality of the vehicles is awful. Look at the Dodge dart for an example.



  • Old Mazdas are just bad habits especially the ones with automatic transmissions. Mazdas can turn into money pits. So, unless you have deep pockets, don’t do it.



  • Fiats aren’t bad cars. The only thing that I would watch out for is the parts to maintain the cars can cost a pretty penny.



  • Jags and Land Rovers, yes they are a solid brand and you can get a good one. Both vehicles have issues. Land Rover has transmission issues.


If you’re looking for reliable cars you might want to look at Hondas and Toyotas you can throw Lexus in there too. The cars just mention might be the most reliable new or used car that is economical also to all the other alternatives on the market.

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