7 Ways To Make $50 a Day

There’s always a way to save money you just have to look for them. Here are a few ways that you can make about $50 a day. It’s not financial freedom but at least it’s a start.

Just for smiles and giggles here is my list:


  1. Do Surveys.
  2. Refinance a loan. Like a student loan or a car loan.
  3. Work as a freelancer.
  4. Become a field agent.
  5. Work part time on Fiverr.com
  6. Drive for Uber. Right now they say you can make about $1,400 a month driving.
  7. LAST ONE: Start a blog or a Vlog.


There are tons of clever ways to make about $50 a day and that’s seven days a week if you think about it. So you’re making $350 a week.


Even being an Instagram influencer might work for you. If you can get up to 6K real followers you can charge like $15 a post.


That’s 6K followers that the company you work for or post for won’t be able to reach.


But I am going to tell you this Instagram isn’t easy to get real followers but if you post daily and go LIVE you will have a good chance of growing.


Plus, if you’re funny that can help too.

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