A To-Do List For Home Maintenance in November

With colder weather coming and planning to stay awhile in some parts of the United States here are some home maintenance tasks you will want to put on your November to-do list.

The November to-do list

  • Clean gutters and downspouts – The leaves have fallen by now in the yard and clogged gutters can cause a lot of damage and they also can prevent rain water and snow water from flowing safely away from your house. Plus the water can cause roof damage if not taken care of because it can leak up under your roof. When gutter cleaning you want to hire a professional that has experience with gutter cleaning and has insurance. If you live in a one story house you maybe able to do it yourself with a ladder and a claw stick. Cleaning the downspouts you may need to take them apart to clean them.
  • Check the handrails and steps on the exterior of the home – With the sun going down around 5pm or 6pm and people are still going to come over and visit you want make sure its safe coming and leaving your home. You may also want to make sure your lights on the exterior of the home still are working. You can find handrails at Ace.com or Amazon.com
  • Carpet cleaning is the next thing on the list – The best thing to do is have a professional carpet cleaner come out and clean all your carpet. The reason I say this is because you won’t find carpet cleaning equipment as powerful as a rental or at the store like Home Depot as you will with a nearby carpet cleaner.
  • Insulate your pipes especially if you have the water pipes running though your basement or crawlspace you can prevent freezing pipes. Insulating your pipes keeps the hot water lines from freezing and prevents condensation. Most hardware stores sell the foam for your pipes you just have to cut them to fit.
  • Inspect your woodstove and fireplace inserts – If you’re looking to burn wood this winter you may want to make sure your fireplace is in working condition if the gasket is loose around the door you will want to replace it when the fireplace is cold.
  • Clean the mower – sure you may be using it to clean up the leaves but after that its time to call it quits and clean it. Plug-in mowers just need a bit of cleaning. If you put the mower on its side you can clean all the debris stuck up grass. If you have an electric mower just store the battery in at least 40-80 degrees. If you have a gas mower you will want to drain all the gas so the gas doesn’t sit all winter and rust the mower.
  • Don’t forget to replace the chair protectors on the bottom of the chairs – people drag the chairs around the flooring scratching them up. You can even clean the pads if there not bad but scratched floors means more replacing or repair in the spring.
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If you need help with any of this there are reviews and trusted handyman services almost in every major city that can help you in November.

november home maintenance

Nearby Handyman for November To-Do List

Got projects to take care of before the cold weather hits? November is the time to get them done.

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