Essentials You Will Want to Stock Up For Winter

This pandemic has created some shortages in my areas of everyday life from appliances, air conditioners, and cars.

With this happening items that you readily have available are hard to find. Yesterday I was at and a fellow was upset because there was no more paper towels. The issues we are seeing are going to probably worsen before they get any better.

The list of essentials for winter

You will need to stock up on these items before the winter has you scrambling to find them.

  • Snow blowers there is suppose to be a good amount of snow this year and if you don’t have a snow blower you might be asking your neighbor for theirs.
  • Air purifier this winter it will help you in keeping your home or office safe. With airborne virus this past year there has been a large demand for air purifiers. It will be worth getting one now.
  • A turkey if you are having any holiday parties there is a foreseeable shortage coming. The impact is going to most likely be with smaller fresh turkeys so you might have to consider buying frozen this year.
  • A patio heater there popular and running out fast if your doing any type outdoor gatherings an outdoor heater is a must and right now you might be able to pick one up off
  • Ice melt if you need to coat your drive way so you have no slip and falls this year you might want to pick up a bag or two if you can. I know I pick one bag up for the season. There are many different brands and if you have pets you may want to look at what’s safe for them.
  • Pick up popular toys if your Christmas shopping because the shelves are said to go bare here soon. There is going to be a hike in shipping from some toy makers with popular toys. So get those lists going.
  • Firewood if your home is heated by a wood burner now is the time to stock up on the wood before you see they rush and the hike for it. Lumber is very high right now and same is going to go for firewood. Or if you have any trees you don’t want cut one down.
  • If you like any winter sports activities such as skating, sledding and skiing you might want to get a new pair of skates or a sled while the supply is still around.
  • Everyone on the east coast is probably going to need one and that’s a snow shovel. I recommend not waiting to get one. I did that one year and the three stores I went to had none on the racks. So pick one up now.  Its always good to have one if the snow plowers get busy and can’t get to your home for a day or two at least you’ll be able to move snow.
  • Vacation rentals see what available now maybe an airbnb or a vacation condo or cabin. But book it now.
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If you need help with anything this winter you can always connect with a nearby contractor for anything such as frozen pipes to no heat, gutter cleaning, or snow plowing.

winter essentials

Call for a Handyman in your area

Have a winterized project that needs to be done call a local handyman.

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