Pruning Your Trees and Plants

You can’t deny taking care of your tree pruning them we mean can be a kind of stressful. You don’t want to prune too early or too late you might end up killing the tree. But you have to do something with your trees and bushes. Not pruning at all can mean you have an overgrown bush or tree and it can ruin your tree branches.

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To be honest pruning trees just takes a little practice and experience no one gets it the first time. Take your time when pruning trees you can trim less you can always trim more.

There are pruning mistakes that can happen here are a few that you want to really avoid if you can.

Pruning too aggressively don’t overdo it. Over pruning can damage a tree so take your time and research the trees you have it can help. Pruning too much can stunt the growth of the tree and may even allow it to get diseases.

Pruning too early can mean you snip the buds on the tree and no flowers for the spring. If you don’t know when to trim the tree do some research or wait until the tree has blossomed for the year. It’s never a bad thing to wait with flowers.

You don’t want to do heavy pruning during the growing season. When the tree is growing pruning it can actually starve the tree. Leaves actually help the trees stay healthy with the shade they can provide. When pruning in the hot summer you want to leave enough leaves on the tree for shade. The growing timetable for trees can be from early spring to late summer. Leaving leaves on the trees can help keep the tree stay healthy.

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Make sure the equipment your use isn’t dull. If you’re going to cut trees it might be a good idea to have your pruning shears sharpened. Dull tools can rip the bark and make for rough cuts. Doing rough cuts can leave the tree open to disease and pests so make sure your equipment does the job for you?

You don’t want to cut the top of the tree off. Doing this will weaken the tree and people that cut trees frown upon it. If you think that a tree needs to be topped you might want to call a professional tree expert in the area.

The bark is important to a tree it covers the tree from water and bugs from getting to it this can ultimately kill a tree if it’s not covered with bark. You don’t want to leave a tree open to water damage or pests that can eat them.

You want to hire an expert when needed. If you just cutting shrubs or trees to form them you might be fine but you have taller trees its best to call a pro to avoid injury to you, the property, and the tree.

Not pruning at all can damage the tree and to be honest pruning the tree is important. Pruning overall makes the plants and trees healthy and looking good. Pruning also is safe for the tree and the surrounding area. Just make sure you pick the right tools and what’s right for your plants.

If your trees need to be removed we can help you do that with a local expert.

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