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Burgundy Suit

Now you want to have a bit of style when you go into work each and everyday, so why not try a burgundy suit one day, every one told me wearing a pink polo to work was weird and on the day I wore my pink polo I got a lot of complements from both men and women. So I think its all in the style you wear your clothes that make people turn their heads, and that isn’t a bad thing.

Now when you wear a suit like the burgundy suit there are some different ways you can wear it and have style here are three ways you can wear a Burgundy Suit:

All Business

Weekend Wear

Business As Usual

Now whatever your taste in style is you can choose to wear the Burgundy suit however you  please. 

Corona Swimwear For The Summer

Have you been looking for the perfect swim suit for this summer? Well you have a great opportunity to get a Corona swim suit that is still very hot this summer. We have found a lens for you to use to buy with summers swim wear.

You can buy a 2 piece bikini or a pair of men style swim shorts, Corona is one of the most trending beers for the summer, the trends also include, Miller Lite, Bud Light and Coor’s Light.

So if you are looking to get into a new swim suit, think Corona bikini, or if you are looking for a nice pair of swim shorts think Corona Men’s swimwear.

Kanye West’s $1000 Sneakers Sold Out

The $1000 Kanye West sneakers shoes the new “Air Yezzy” have sold out, Detroiter Nik White has his answer. He got in line at downtown Royal Oak’s Burn Rubber Shoe Boutique Tuesday for the shoes that went on sale Saturday.

The popular sneaker is now sold out. I am not a Kanye West fan but his shoes look good. A little expensive for my taste but its Kanye West what do you expect.

There was so much anticipation about the Nike shoes that a pair reportedly pre-sold on eBay for $90,300. The rapper designed footwear features a distinctive spike at the back and glow-in-the-dark soles. Now that is just crazy talk sold for over 90K that is stupid money.

I wonder if lil’ wayne is going to come out with a shoe soon? We will have to see!

American Love Affair

Hey Guys, I just visited a website that you should check out its called American Love Affair. They have all kinds of clothing for men and women. I am all about looking good and with the help of American Love Affair I can do just that. look good. If you want to you can join there mailing list.

In the men’s section of the website they have some nice logo-ed t-shirts, when I shop I am always about a store have great t-shirts. One of the many things I like about American Love Affair is there style in clothing for men. They carry some high end stuff that I like they definitely have a niche for American fashion that is one of the biggest reason I like them.

For the Ladies

American Love Affair has more of a selection for the ladies with tops and bottoms. Ladies they also have some nice women’s dresses. They are very competitively priced too! So women if you are looking for a dress or just an outfit for a nice night out check out American Love Affair for all your American Fashion needs.

For The Children

Hey mom and dad did you know that American Love Affair has great deals on clothes for children. So if you have a birthday coming up they have some great birthday ideas for your kids and hey maybe pick some nice for yourself too.

We need to start buying American and you can start at American Love Affair!