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Wednesday Special Offers for Holiday Shopping!

Online holiday shopping

Do you like special offers like I do? I love special offers especially around the holidays. It makes for easier Christmas shopping here is some of today’s special offers.

FlashXpress™ Toaster Oven with Double Infrared Heating Save $50 Off Now $99.99 with Code SAVE!

Free ELEMIS Renewing Collection on Orders $99 or More with code: MY7GIFTS!

Dresswe Crazy Sales for Christmas

We have some other great offers for today on this great Wednesday for the Holidays just a few great gift ideas.

Buy any 10 Tie or Bow Tie and price will be $15

I want to help you do some shopping for the Christmas list you may have!


How Often Do You Used GIFS on Social Media


How often do you use GIFS with your website or social media. I personally like to use a GIF every morning on my Instagram or a Emjoi. Usually a coffee one or a silly one of the week or day. If your looking to follow someone on Instagram my username is @Nicholasb28.

I have a company one @Quickcarloansnow.

I would personally encourage you to use a GIF if you are currently running someones social media. GIF are small animated photos. Before you share a GIF you should make sure it fits your niche. I personally like to used . For all my GIFS.

How’s Your Shoe Game For The Holidays


What do you shop for with the holidays? I know I shop for almost everything like on sites like and But they aren’t always my go too. I am always in the market for new shoes.

So I shoe shop a ton. I have like 17 pairs of shoes but I have to change up my shoes every day to make sure my shoes wear evenly lol.

But I know the holidays are coming so I am shoe shopping online this year at place like.

Just to name a few but like no matter your shoe game these websites will help you look good at work.

Talking about Fishing Lures and Fishing in General

So I was lying in bed last night thinking of things that have a low competition for a niche?


After racking my brain for a while and I fell asleep. I got one and it was fishing lures. I mean who takes about fishing lures unless you fish a lot?


Lures are cool but they can suck if you step on one.  The only fishing video I love is this one.


 Its all about the fishing lures out on the water

There are so many people that fish in Michigan its crazy truly is. To bad I didn’t have an idea on lures. But I know where to get some fishing gear so you look cool on the water. I bet you can find some kick ass fishing lures on too that will sure to sparkle for the big fish. Don’t you know its all about the fishing lure when your out on the water