All 3 QB’s May Dress For The New York Jets


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Jets head coach Rex Ryan has yet to decide on a back up QB for Sunday’s game the team could dress all 3 QB’s for the game against the Chargers. Rex Ryan has said that McElroy will get most of the reps, if not all of them in this weeks practice.

Dressing all three QB’s for a game is rare most teams only dress a back up QB because they don’t wamt to waste a spot on the roster for a player that might not get to be in the game. In Monday’s loss to Tennessee, the Jets used Tebow on a full series for the first time, giving the backup a chance to run the offense.

Ryan said that the team had plans to do it before, but with Tim Tebows rib injury they were ubable to. But with Tim Tebow looking healthy they got a chance to run a whole set with him at QB.

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