Brian Urlacher Is Done With The Chicago Bears


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Well this a blow the Chicago Bears but could look good for the Detroit Lions. Brian
has parted ways with the Chicago Bears, after getting an embarassing contract of $2 million for one year deal.

I have to agree with Urlacher that its a slap in the face for the linebacker has he is good player and probably has a lot left in the “old gas tank”. 
The Lions could view him as a move but might pass on him as they want to see what their draft picks look like and what kind of talent they have on the team for the outside linebacker position. However, it would be nice to see Urlacher in Detroit and the Detroit Lions would be a powerhouse on defensive. 
Look at it this way if we could get Urlacher as a middle linebacker the Detroit Lions could become better at stopping the run game. 
Its said to see Brian Urlacher leave the Bears but if your not going to take care of people that take care of you then they have a right to leave and for the better.

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